Corona Borealis Necklace

$ 70.00

Designed and handmade by local artisans in Athens, Greece the LILA Luxe Collection was inspired by the country's vibrant culture and colors. Each jewelry piece is unique, and may feature genuine gemstones, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal beads and sterling silver charms and accents.


Astronomers and stargazers alike will love the Corona Borealis Necklace, which is made with green and red agate, gold hematite, green crystals and Swarovski crystal pave beads. Fashioned in the likeness of the limitless night sky, contemplate the mysteries of deep space - from brilliant star clusters, to nebulae and galaxies, when styling your unique celestial creation.


  • Handmade in Greece
  • Every bead is handpicked and unique
  • Necklace is 33” long clasp to clasp; Hangs 16" long