Butterfly Bleecker $ 36.99 $ 18.00

Imagine the ideal summer bag: light, fun, easy to carry, stylish and durable, versatile so that you could carry it from the morning to the evening. The Bleecker bag is all of the above and so much more. It comes in a wide variety of gorgeous designs, attributing to the bag a sense of exclusivity, while its inside waterproof lining presents even more possibilities for its use!


In your Bleecker bag you can place your valuables, wet swimwear, make up, hair accessories and jewelry, use it as a travel bag, beach bag, evening clutch, it is perfect for island life and all vacation lifestyles. There is no summer tote, that our favorite Bleecker bag can't match!


  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Blue butterfly print
  • Orange zipper
  • Dimensions: Small | 9.84" wide by 7.09" tall; Large |13.78" wide by 9.84" tall

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