Tub Teas

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 The charmingly packaged Tub Teas by CeeCee & Bee are a bath lovers dream! Each Tub Tea is hand packaged in a 4x6 muslin bag made in the USA from virgin USA grown cotton. Tea ingredients are sealed within a biodegradable & compostable plastic bag within the muslin bag which keeps tea fresh. Each Tub Tea is designed for one bath, but as there is quite a bit of tea stuffed in each 4x6 muslin bag so you can break it up into multiple baths!


Choose from a variety of scents, including:

  • Gentle Jasmine: This Tub Tea pampers your senses with the gentle fragrance of Jasmine blended with herbaceous and uplifting teas.
  • Renewing Rose: Renew body, mind and soul when you take a soak in the anti-aging blend of flowers and herbs to help sooth skin while you turn back the pages of time and balance hormones. 
  • Unwind: This Tub Tea was designed to use after a long day of stressful work. Slip into Chamomile, Mint and Epsom Salts and unwind. Soaking in this warm bath will help you forget the worries of today and enjoy the moments of relaxation. Feel calm and ready to take on whatever come next. 
  • Lavender Slumber: This calming scent will wrap you in a blanket of relaxation and get you ready for bed. The combination is specially made to help you prepare for sleep and features Lavender, Passionflower, Chamomile, Epsom Salts and a sprinkle of Valerian Root. You will be catching some ZZZ's in no time!