Tub Truffles - 6 Pack $ 34.00 $ 25.00

Purely indulgent, without the calories! The deliciously packaged Tub Truffles by CeeCee & Bee are made with rich wildcrafted cocoa butter, silky kaolin clay and laced ever so slightly with essential oils to turn your tub into a luxuriously rich aroma bath. 

What is a Tub Truffle? aka bath truffle. Simply said, it's a mini bath bomb... but so much more! Crafted with a heavy dose of creamy cocoa butter, crumble them under hot running bath water until they start to fizz. The essential oils let off a heavenly, all-natural scent. When you are done relaxing in this heavenly bath, your skin will be nourished and actually silky soft (not greasy) leaving you feeling truly pampered inside and out!


Your Tub Truffle 4-Pack includes:

1 x Rose Tub Truffle
1 x Lavender Tub Truffle
1 x Rosemary Mint Tub Truffle
1 x Grapefruit Eucalyptus Tub Truffle
1 x Citrus Spice Tub Truffle
1 x Cafe Mocha Tub Truffle


Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Kaolin Clay, Citric Acid, Essential Oils, Lavender, Rose, Eucalyptus, Mint


Note: You will not experience any fake fragrances, dyes or overly fizzy or drying bath water. Only natural ingredients are packed in these treats! These are also sensitive skin friendly!