About LILA



“So, Lisa and Laura Anne, where are you from?” Our answer to that simple question rambles on like the reality of our lives. As Greek-American sisters who grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for 14 years before moving to Athens, Greece, with our parents, we take a worldview of ‘home.’ Family vacations and school trips took us across continents to the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong in Asia…Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai in the Middle East…Egypt in Africa, and many European countries.

All of that traveling kick-started our fascination with foreign fashion! What new trends are emerging from the work of artisans abroad? How does pop culture influence people’s sense of style in cities around the globe?

LILA Philadelphia grew out of our desire to share these discoveries with you!

The LILA concept evolved over time. First, we clinched our college degrees in the United States – Lisa studied biology and political science at Bryn Mawr College and Laura Anne studied journalism at Boston University. Lisa dove into clinical research while pursuing a medical degree. Laura Anne built a career in communications from stints at Marie Claire magazine, Greek publications, a UK luxury e-tailer, and a creative agency that specializes in the hospitality market.

While our personal styles diverge (Lisa likes edgy with a touch of punk; Laura Anne favors feminine and embellished looks), we both appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and culturally inspired artistry. Through LILA, we have created a world market showcasing artistic talent that has not yet been introduced in the U.S.

Have a Great Shopping Trip with Us!

Laura Anne Lamprou & Lisa Christiana Lamprou

Founders of LILA Philadelphia