10 Questions with Sam

10 Questions with Sam

Welcome Sam Eberly! We are so thrilled to have this fashionista-in-the-making joining our team at LILA Fashion International. A senior at St. Joe's studying marketing, she recently returned from a trip to Italy and was so very inspired by the great Italian fashion houses. We can certainly tell. Sam has a serious eye for style - she is such a natural in pairing unique pieces together with a certain je ne sais quoi that makes the whole look come together in such a chic, yet effortless fashion. Sam hopes to pursue a career in fashion after graduating (we know she will take the industry by storm!) and we are grateful to bring her fashion sense to our shoppers and to LILA. 


Q1. What is the one thing you can never leave the house without?

A. Lipstick


Q2. What is your favorite print?

A. Definitely cheetah! I've got my eye on the beaded cheetah purse in the shop! (here!)


Q3. Are you more of a bag lover or a shoe lover?

A. Definitely bags, I love to collect lots of bags! Working on my shoe collection. 


Q4. When you were in Italy, what was that one thing you just had to bring home with you?

A. Most definitely clothes! I shopped way too much over there and had to get my own suitcase to bring stuff back so that was a priority!



Q5. What is your dream job in fashion?

A. I would love to live in New York and then Milan or somewhere in Italy and have my own business of some sort.


Q6. If you had to choose one item you love from the store what would it be? 

A. There are way too many I can't just choose one! I love the shell jewelry collection that's super hot in the summer right now, in particular the shell drop earrings (here!) which are so cute. And also the beaded lemon print bag (here!), I think it's so 'southern Italy'.


Q7. If you could describe your personal style in a nutshell?

A. It would say chic, classic and fun for the summer. I am really loving to wear fun pants with a shorter, cropped shirt and fun bag. 


Q8. What are you looking forward to styling the most come fall? 

A. Cozy, big chunky knit sweaters - those are so fun - with leggings or jeans. 


Q9. What is your fave cocktail?

A. I love gin & tonics - they are so refreshing, especially right now in the summer!


Q10. Who is your favorite designer?

A. I think Gucci. When I was in Florence I got to go to the Gucci Garden where they have all their Gucci products, which was so fun to see. I got my own Gucci belt and that was so exciting, so that's definitely my favorite brand.