Blue Crush

Blue Crush

The ocean, the sky, blue raspberry snow cones (yum!) on a hot day, the sparkling pool I plan to dip into on my 'off duty' days... I've got quite the crush on blue this season. We saw splashes of every shade in the pre-season runway shows in Paris and Milan, and then watched, rapturously, as they were adapted to the street style looks that have long since become a major source of inspiration for us on the daily. 


So, in the true spirit of summer, I decided to create my own cool and effortless ensemble, incorporating navy (or nautical) blue into my look, and pairing it with some equally chic, understated pieces that can be easily styled - up or down - throughout the season. [See our post on the Super Naturals trend, for more tips on embracing a 'back to basics' look this summer.] I gravitated towards this airy frock by Athens based designer Madame Shou Shou, for its flowy lines and ultra feminine cut. The pleated sleeve and ruffled lining of the dress are understated, and rightfully so, for the real romance comes into view from the back. No, its not what you're thinking! A swoon worthy plunging back line to accentuate that sun kissed glow you've been working on - that, is the sweet spot of this dress. 


If you've been keeping up with our posts - you'll notice that we're huge proponents of the open back, a style that has been popularized in Europe and still going strong. My thought? It's sexy AF. In the same fashion as the exposed shoulders or the slit skirt, it reveals just enough to let the imagination run wild. It adds to the allure of a woman with secrets to tell. To pull it off, all you need is confidence, and maybe a little pep talk by LMFAO, as they belt out 'I'm sexy and I know it' on repeat.  


I paired this with a playful clutch -- get this, it's called the Wave Clutch in Iced Coffee -- by one of our NEW designers Vice Versa, which is SO fitting as the 'look and feel' was inspired by the beautiful sun-drenched beaches of Greece.  The sunglasses are also Mediterranean made - these are handcrafted from wood on the Greek isle of Syros by Zylo Eyewear. Fun fact: Each pair from the collection is made with a different type of wood, indigenous to the island, such as Rosewood & Plane, and Purpleheart & Oak. I love knowing that no two pairs of these beauties are the same. Mine are truly unique. 


And as for my heels - these were a past season snag (purchased on major sale!) from the Anthropologie racks. They were screaming for me to snap them up - and I was hit with some serious shoe woo. So I caved. Story of my life... and my closet!


All for now xo.










Outfit Details: Twiggy Sunglasses $295 | Necklace (coming soon, stay tuned!) | Wave Clutch $72 (multiple colors available) | Veery Dress $190 | Anthropologie Heels (past season steal!) | Aphrodite Love Knot Sandals $75 


Photography Credit: Olive Eye Photography