Jan 10 2015

The Radiant Fashionista - Morning Regimen: Cleansers & Exfoliators

Good afternoon ladies! It is a crisp Sunday here at the LILA Fashion International HQ and we are so excited to share our first guest blog entry with you! La Chele Medical Aesthetics Marketing & Retail Specialist and Licensed Esthetician Sara Meyer will assist us in guiding you to a happier more radiant you.  On today's agenda is how to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your skin as part of your morning skin care regimen. So let's get started! The first step in your skin care regimen should be making sure that your skin is clean. This step allows the pores on your skin to breathe by eliminating excess dirt and oil from their surface. Cleansing your skin also makes it easier to apply other products to your skin and those products in turn are more effective. To achieve the best results use your cleanser with a Clarisonic Mia 1, Clarisonic Mia 2 or Smart Profile. The Clarisonic will help cleanse your skin deeper and more efficiently than any other method! Your skin adds new layers of cells and sheds old ones daily. When old layers of cells are not removed it can result in clogged pores and dull, dry looking skin! Ms. Meyer states: "After working at cosmetics counters for a variety of lines and at different medical spas I have heard countless women tell me they do not exfoliate because they have dry or sensitive skin. They believe that they need to avoid products that exfoliate out of a fear that these products will be too abrasive! This could not be further from the truth". The key is to choose the proper exfoliator for your skin type! Your moisturizers and other products will work more effectively when they are applied to clean and exfoliated skin. Everyone needs to shed old layers of skin cells no matter what the skin type. For normal skin Ms. Meyer recommends the Hydropeptide Pump and Peel and the La Chele Medical Aesthetics Microdermabrasion Scrub. For you ladies out there with roscea or acne that is active, use a chemical exfoliator such as La Chele Medical Aesthetics Glycolic Acid 15% instead of a physical exfoliate to avoid further irritation. Check back next week for a new post by Ms. Meyer on achieving healthier, more radiant skin all 2015 long. picstitch
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