Mastering the Modern 'Updo' with Salon Fiber

Mastering the Modern 'Updo' with Salon Fiber

Stylist and entrepreneur Maura Mulligan has a habit she can’t break. Hairstyling.  


Her fascination with the craft earned her a degree from the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia, and later, ownership of trendy, urban chic Salon Fiber, located in bustling downtown Phoenixville. It was at Salon Fiber that Mulligan slowly honed her technique, and after years of hard work and perseverance, it was in that salon that she mastered it. “When the opportunity finally arose for me to purchase the salon from its previous owners, I knew this was the perfect time to take my passion for the industry to the next level… to create something of my own,” said Mulligan. “I’ve had so much fun learning and watching the salon grow, and I’ve grown with it!”


With an artistic eye, an industrious spirit, and a little edge, Mulligan has succeeded in launching Salon Fiber as a destination for high-quality hair care and beauty services. “Our team is incredibly talented and brings a young, fresh approach to beauty,” she said. “Everyone has their own sense of style which they infuse into their technique. We create looks that range from the classic to the edgy – and everything in between!”


Locals will love the salon’s hip friendly atmosphere, urban boutique setting and talented team of stylists, which invite a truly original experience.




Mastering the Modern Updo 


by Maura Mulligan, Owner of Salon Fiber


Wanna know a secret? Even hairstylists need quick fixes for their hair sometimes. This style is something I pull out of my bag of tricks often and I get compliments on my ‘do every single time I wear it! It’s simple and easy to create but makes such a statement. Once you perfect the technique, play around with different looks using the same core steps. You can do a half up version, add braids in the front for more interest, wear it curlier or straighter, and, of course, try many different headbands!


Supplies: bobby pins, a brush, your favorite headband, a hair elastic & styling products. We recommend evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo for day old hair and evo Helmut Strong Hairspray “Light”.




Step 1: Begin with dry hair, either freshly washed or day old. Optional: use a 1 inch curling iron to create texture and wave. You can either curl the hair traditionally or wrap around the barrel for a softer bend.




Step 2: Place the headband around the top of your head. Do not feed your hair through the headband as you traditionally might. The headband should have all of the hair underneath it.




Step 3: Pull all of your hair into a loose ponytail behind your head. Secure at the ends of your hair.




Step 4: Roll the ponytail up in the back.




Step 5: Lift the headband gently off of the head and tuck the ends of the roll, especially the part tied together with the ponytail holder, between the headband and your head. The headband will then hold the majority of your hair in place. 




Step 6: Gather any loose pieces of hair and roll them through the headband on the sides behind the ear. Secure with bobby pins for extra hold. Repeat on both sides. If you have a shorter fringe area, leave out a few pieces around your face for a softer look.




Step 7: Continue to secure the back with bobby pins if necessary. Just hold them vertically and insert straight down behind the headband, grabbing and tightening any loose sections as you go.




Step 8: Spray with evo Helmut Strong Hairspray “Light” for extra hold and to tame any frizz.




Voila! A quick and easy “updo” utilizing a trendy summer hair accessory!




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Photography: Wide Eyed Studios (@wideyedstudios)


Model: Sarah Bailey