Beach Wave Bliss with Salon Fiber

Beach Wave Bliss with Salon Fiber

With an artistic eye and a little edge, stylist turned entrepreneur Maura Mulligan has succeeded in launching urban chic Salon Fiber in downtown Phoenixville, as a destination for high-quality hair care and beauty services. Locals will love the salon’s hip friendly atmosphere, urban boutique setting and talented team of stylists, which invite a truly original experience.



Blissful Beach Waves for Summer Fun

 By Maura Mulligan, Owner of Salon Fiber


Everyone knows that the on-trend hair color right now is all about looking naturally sun-kissed with balayage and a little “rooty” with ombre. Textured beach waves are the perfect style to complement that #IWokeUpLikeThis look. This mini step-by-step tutorial will breakdown the sometimes daunting task, and with a few rounds of practice you will be a beach wave pro in no time!


Supplies: One inch barrel curling iron, clips, evo Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper, evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach spray.




Step 1: Start with clean dry hair. Prep with evo Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper spray for 'extra hold' while setting the hair and for the necessary heat protection.





Step 2: Clip up the top half of your hair


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Step 3: Part your hair by dividing into 1-2 sq. inch sections around your head. Begin with the section closest to your face, by your ear. Insert the iron about 2 inches from your scalp.




Step 4: Rotate the barrel away from your face, toward the back of your head.




Step 5: Use your thumb to lightly loosen the clamp and shimmy the iron away from your head. Then close the clamp and wrap away from your face and toward your head again. The goal is to slowly work all of the hair through the iron, beginning with the roots and ending with the tips.




Step 6: Once all of the hair has been wound through the iron (you may leave the ends out for a more “undone” look), pull the iron out of the hair in a vertical motion, toward the floor.




Step 7: Let the curl cool for a few moments, then pull lightly on the ends to stretch it out.




Step 8: Repeat process throughout the rest of the head. First finish the underneath, then take the clip out and move to the top section at the crown of the head. Finally, spray with evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray.




Step 9: NOW HERE'S THE TRICK... Pull on the ends a little more and rake your fingers through your hair, or comb through lightly using a brush.




Step 10: Revel in your beach goddess style!





Tips from the Pros!

1. Always curl the sections closest to your face away from your face. You can then mix up the direction for the rest of your head.


2. If your hair does not hold a curl well, curl the whole head and let the entire head cool before stretching out the ends and tousling with your fingers.


3. Keep elevation to a minimum. Don’t hold sections of hair up in the air. Keep them, and the iron, below the top of the head. This will create the sleeker root necessary for the beach wave. If you elevate the hair and get the iron too close to the top of the head you will create volume off the scalp, which is more reminiscent of an 80’s pageant queen than the modern surfer chick vibe we are looking for! Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t give up, and pretty soon you will be curling your whole head in 5 minutes flat!


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Photography: Wide Eyed Studios (@wideyedstudios)


Model: Sarah Bailey