A Q&A with Salon Fiber

A Q&A with Salon Fiber

With an artistic eye and a little edge, stylist turned entrepreneur Maura Mulligan has succeeded in launching urban chic Salon Fiber in downtown Phoenixville, as a destination for high-quality hair care and beauty services. Locals will love the salon’s hip friendly atmosphere, urban boutique setting and talented team of stylists, which invite a truly original experience.


LILA: How did you decide that styling was your calling?
MM: I've always been fascinated by hair and the entire industry surrounding it. I always said I wanted to be a hairdresser, even as a little girl, and I never really strayed from that. I feel lucky to have found my passion early! 


LILA: Was there a moment you can recall that made you realize you didn’t want to just be a part of the industry, you wanted to own it?
MM: Hair has always been my main interest but I knew I wanted to grow my career in the field past the hands-on aspect. I have always had very good business sense and a very entrepreneurial spirit, so owning my own salon was an obvious goal for me.


Urban chic Salon Fiber is located in bustling downtown Phoenixville.

Urban chic Salon Fiber is located in bustling downtown Phoenixville.

LILA: What makes the Salon Fiber experience? What distinguishes it from other salons?
MM: My main priority for the salon is the talent. I dedicate a lot of energy toward the education of the staff. We strive to be cutting edge and ahead of the trend. In addition to that, we have a small boutique-like feel with a little edge. I want the salon to be fashionable in all aspects: our talent, our decor, and our dress code. Our atmosphere is very down-to-earth and approachable, which differentiates us from most of our competing "high end" salons that have a more sterile or "spa" like atmosphere, which can come across as intimidating or "stuffy".


LILA: Salon Fiber was one of the lead styling teams at Main Line Fashion Week.  What kind of preparation goes into gearing up for a big event like that?
MM: Our staff is very talented at styling: updos, curling, avant garde, etc. So most of the preparation went into creating a cohesive look. We narrowed down the spring/summer hair trends (braids, texture, waves, etc) and found a relevant pop culture inspiration through the television series, Game of Thrones. We found inspiration from imagery, tied the trends and culture together, and I think the result was pretty amazing!


It's the details that make the Salon Fiber experience.

The lively atmosphere and charming decor make the Salon Fiber experience.


LILA: What’s on trend for this season?
MM: In addition to the styles I already mentioned, the big trends are going shorter as well as "lived-in" color. Everyone wants to brighten up with a summery balayage right now. We are also doing a lot of "chops" into the super cute and versatile Lob. 


LILA: Which celebrity has you feeling a little bit of hair envy?
MM: Kaley Cuoco & Julianne Hough!


LILA: Why evo? What is it about the collection that fits with the Salon Fiber brand?
MM: Evo is an amazing line from Australia. They are concise in their range with a laid-back attitude that totally fits with our culture. Their products have great names and hilarious descriptions! They simply work amazingly, and there is nothing thrown in that isn't necessary. Their brand really aligns well with ours: on-point performance plus personality!





LILA: For curly haired girls who are up against heat and humidity in the summer months what products would you recommend to tame the mane?
MM: The curly products from evo are actually our two best sellers! First you have Liquid Rollers, a curl balm to "give pride back to your beautiful curls" and End Doctor, a smoothing sealant to help keep your ends from splitting as well as add extra shine and frizz control to the rest of your hair!


LILA: Time spent at the beach - with overexposure to the sun, salt water and the elements - can really dry out your hair. Any pre- or post-beach tips for keeping locks hydrated?
MM: Happy Campers from evo is an awesome leave in moisturizer with sun protection! It will help keep your color fresh after being in the rays all day. It is also beneficial to load up  your hair with leave-in conditioner, like Happy Campers, to keep the chlorine and salt from absorbing as easily. Haircare should be thought of just like skincare. Just as you may use a different face wash or moisturizer in different seasons, you should rotate your shampoo and conditioner for the different seasons and their unique issues. The Therapist Shampoo & Conditioner from evo is an amazing moisturizing duo for those who have extra dry hair, in the summer months especially!





LILA: What’s coming up for Salon Fiber?
MM: We are currently rebranding to update the salon to my style and goals! We have a new website in the works, in addition to an updated logo, and a lot of new decor changes in salon. We are also launching an entirely new bridal service: Prenup by Salon Fiber as well as becoming involved in more charity events, like the Main Line Fashion Week. There's a lot going on and it is all so exciting!


To schedule an appointment at Salon Fiber call 610-933-5633. Mention this post and receive $10 off any service! And don’t forget to connect with Salon Fiber on Instagram @salonfiber and Facebook!


Photography: Wide Eyed Studios (@wideyedstudios)


Model: Sarah Bailey