LILA x A Parisian in America

LILA x A Parisian in America

Caught up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Alpa Rama of A Parisian in America?! 


Alpa is soaking up the Florida sunshine in her latest blog post, featuring accessories brought to you by LILA Fashion International. 


Shop her Vice Versa Saddle bag - handmade in Athens, Greece from 100% raw leather - and available in Royal Blue, Burgundy and Camel for just $85. 


Slip into a pair of leather LFC Hermes Winged Sandals, just like Alpa's, which are handcrafted in Cyprus and available in Tan & Gold ($75; pictured) and White & Rose Gold ($70). Plus, check out our similarly styled (and JUST IN!) Pegasus Sandal in Gold with a dramatic wing.


Catch Alpa's full post, HERE.


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All photography: A Parisian in America