The Perfect Brunch OOTD

The Perfect Brunch OOTD

Scene: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As is the case for most of you babes, brunching also happens to make it to the top of our list of extracurriculars.  Okay, so it may not be as physically demanding as hiking or mountain biking, or require the discipline of more mindful practices like yoga or meditation, but this little hobby has manifested into an every weekend kinda thing, and by extension has worked wonders for our wardrobes. It has also made us into major food snobs (amateur saveurs as we like to say)... but we digress!


When dressing for brunch, you can't just throw on any old thing! Well fine, you CAN. But, the super causal vibes that come with styling sweatpants, a hoodie (and dare we say, bedhead?) was something we got well out of our systems back in our college days. We've graduated to selecting pieces for our own wardrobes and for LILA (which, also happen to end up in our closets!) that effortlessly mix downtown-cool with euro-chic, and are feminine, fresh and modern. 


The look styled here perfectly exemplifies how the LILA girl does brunch. For this little OOTD (social speak for, 'Outfit of the Day'), we picked a fanciful tartan frock, in hues of warm burgundy and navy, which was designed by Greek designer Madame Shou Shou. The oversized cut gives the Begonia Dress a babydoll look, which is so very flattering on any figure, and can be especially forgiving after one too many mimosas.





We've praised the scarf so many times, so forgive us as we do so once again!  There are so many ways to style a scarf - in fact, that's probably the most frequently asked question we get in the shop from women who have always wanted to give it a try, yet are intimated by how to do so. The most traditional way is looped around the neck, either hanging loose or tied loosely. Our favorite, is tied in a bow at the neck. We like to angle the bow off to one side, as is custom in Paris. 


We're also largely in favor of tying your scarf like a bolero, as masterfully demonstrated in the fun DIY videos of Grecian Chic, the supremely talented designer behind the vibrant collection of printed silk scarves available at LILA Fashion International and styled in this shoot. Pictured is the beautiful Trojan Horse silk scarf. You can also view our full collection, HERE.


Or, if the scarf is not really your thing, it can be used to accessorize your handbag instead, functioning in the same manner as the pom keychain, pictured. Both lend a little extra pop where it's needed. 


For accessories, we've styled another favorite, a leather Barrel Bag in warm burgundy by Athens-based designer Vice Versa, with a furry red pom keychain to complement the colors of the frock. Subtle pairings are what ultimately tie a look together and bring overall harmony to the ensemble.  Also incorporated into the look are bracelet stacks from LILA Fashion International's own collection of jewelry, handmade in Athens. The playful owl and angel charms comprise the Cat-Eye Charm bracelet, featuring cat-eye faceted beads and both gold plated sterling silver and sterling silver accents. Charming, isn't it? 


If you've been watching our Instagram Stories, you'll know that the black suede platforms pictured, have been practically worn to death.  Although they are not a LILA find, we couldn't resist slipping them on for one more shoot... cause they're just that awesome. Enough said. xx





Outfit Details

Sunglasses | Saint Laurent

Begonia Dress | LILA Fashion International

Trojan Horse Silk Scarf | LILA Fashion International

Cat-Eye Charm Bracelet | LILA Fashion International

Burgundy Barrel Bag | LILA Fashion International

Red Pom Keychain | LILA Fashion International

Suede Platform Heels | Nine West


Photography: Rebecca Gudelunas