The Scarf Game

The Scarf Game

Everyone has that go-to accessory. The one thing you grab to add that pop to your look, to make it feel more you. My staple item has always been the silk scarf. Whether it be new or vintage, solid or patterned, my closet is a kaleidoscope of color when it comes to my scarves. This love affair began many, many years ago, and as of late, has seen a reawakening. There is something about silk; perhaps it is the way it feels, so soft to the touch. Or maybe it's the way it drapes so perfectly around my neck, or that it can elevate my ensemble so effortlessly. So much power one small scarf possesses!


In the summer I accessorize my looks with smaller, lightweight silk scarves, tied delicately in a bow at my neck or around the handle of my favorite purse. In the wintertime, I gravitate more towards larger silk scarves and that I can loop around my neck for warmth, while still staying true to my personal style.


Regardless of season, a beautifully crafted silk scarf should be a part of any sophisticated women’s wardrobe. Sure, I may be a little biased, but silk scarves can be worn a hundred different ways and for almost any occasion! There's a certain romance to bringing back the scarves that beauties like Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn so admiringly styled around town. Pure cinematic gold was watching Audrey zipping around Rome on a Vespa with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday; a scarf daintily knotted around her neck. Don't we all secretly yearn for picture perfect moments like that... at least once in a while? Sigh.  


Beyond cinema, major fashion houses such as Maison Hermès and the equally iconic Maison Schiaparelli in Paris have built their brands with the silk scarf as a signature piece in their collections. Consider introducing it into your wardrobe as well, and you may be delightfully surprised by how simply and easily it can tie a look together, or add a little polish where you'd least expect it. Silk scarves can come in many different varieties of silk such as twill, crepe, habotai silk and chiffon. They can also differ by weave pattern, thickness and weight. So choose carefully when making your selection! My recommendation - go with something whimsical. Too often, we settle for basics, because they're easy to wear, simply cut, and won't get you into trouble at work. Consider this the ONE accessory you can have a little fun with... the bolder the pattern, the better.


Below, our darling fall intern at LILA Fashion International, Jasmine Daniels, is styling some of the scarves available in our Main Street store and web shop to give you an idea of the many, many ways you can sport your own silk scarf. The scarves are designed by one of our favorite designers, Elena Zournatzi of Grecian Chic. Each one is lovingly made from 100% silk twill in the UK, and tells a story inspired by Elena's homeland of Greece and her travels to other cosmopolitan cities around the globe. All of her designs are hand illustrated and digitally printed - a process that encourages the most vibrant colors and sharpest details. And did I mention that her designs are so popular, the Athens Airport in Greece asked her to illustrate the cover of their official magazine, 2board?! Pretty cool, no? 


Jasmine is styling the Trojan Horse scarf, tied in a bow at the neck, in her first look, coupled with the Prairie Coat (just in!) in bordeaux silk velvet. 


In her second look, she's styling the beautiful Pegasus scarf looped around her neck, and also fashioned as a bolero, to showcase its versatility. Both the scarf and coat are showier pieces that perfectly complement the soft tones and playful nature of the jumpsuit.


Additional scarf styles and colors available in the LILA Fashion International web shop. SHOP NOW










Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs

Trojan Horse & Pegasus Scarves // LILA Fashion International

Prairie Coat // LILA Fashion International