Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Welcome, January! We couldn’t be more excited for 2017, for new beginnings, new resolutions and new outfits! The one thing we aren’t excited about? The sub-zero temperatures and what always feels like a painfully slow crawl towards spring. Yes, the holidays are officially over, but the cold weather isn’t. And while we may not be as enthusiastic about investing in more “winter wear”, we’re turning our attentions to all the fresh and fanciful things that brighten our closets and set us up, famously might I add, for the much anticipated arrival of spring.


This time of year doesn’t have a whole lot of perks, but one thing you can do to keep yourself looking and feeling your best is to invest in transitional garments! These garments are not exactly “winter-wear” but they aren’t sleeveless and cropped either. Transitional garments are great for those unpredictable months, we define them as extending from February through April and September through November.


Transitional garments are usually perfect for layering and not reminiscent of any particular season. We tend to stick with grey, blue and blush hues – largely because they never go out of style and also because they conveniently go with almost everything. Double win!


Our favorite transitional pieces this season are styled in the shoot below. Why don't we start with the basics - the two backbones of this outfit are:


The over-the-knee leather boots – We’ve been sporting these beauties all season long – and no we will not stop until we absolutely have to! Everyone should invest in a go-to pair of black boots – leather will always last longer but suede and velvet are just as delicious.


black pair of exercise leggings. Yup, we’re talking about the ones you sport to yoga, barre or pilates, because they are the real deal. While the alternative ‘athleisure’ leggings may be fun, nothing melds to your skin or feels as comfortable as a skillfully engineered, breathable pair of leggings by a brand that treats sportswear as its specialty. This closet basic had made it to the top of our must-have list for 2017 – as it’s so easy to style with any outfit when you’re on-the-go! Invest in a pair and you won’t be sorry.







What makes this outfit special:


The Bryony Top in charcoal. This top quickly became a favorite of ours – it’s warm and lightweight, and can be layered over a tank top in cooler months or styled solo as the weather gets warmer. The fabric is incredibly soft and breathable and the flowing texture of the blush fabric gives it an effortless and ethereal look and feel. The mixed fabrics make it a piece that is both modern and fashion forward. And as we’ve made it a habit to try on every piece for style and fit as it makes its debut at LILA Fashion International (that’s half the fun!), we’ve pleasantly found that the Bryony Top flatters the silhouette in all the right places.


The Ione Jacket. This jacket is positively dreamy. The floral accents lend it a romantic and feminine feel. The hood is a perfect accent and very practical. We often curl or blow out our hair – when it rains, our go-to garments are those that still look chic but offer some built-in protection. The hood on this jacket is fitting for those rainy days when you don’t feel like restyling your locks! Did we mention that this jacket is 100% reversible? Who doesn’t love a two-for-one! We personally love the floral accents, but the reverse is a perfect alternative if you’re planning on pairing it with a bolder outfit. Simply turn the jacket inside out – it still has pockets, but now the flowers become subtle accents, playfully peeking out from just around the collar. This jacket truly is all about the detailing… perhaps that’s why we love it so!


We’ve polished off this look with three simple accessories, that can be used to style a whole symphony of outfits.


Cat-Eye Tassel Necklace – This set is fun and flirty and perfect if you’re readying for a party or an evening out. It’s fashioned with genuine cat-eye in lavender and midnight shades. The tassel is again going to be spotlighted as a major trend for the upcoming season, and we couldn’t agree more! Consider pairing it over thin knits in the fall and spring, chunky sweaters in the dead of winter, and maxi dresses when summer rolls around. The versatile nature of the Tassel Necklace means that you can most definitely style it year-round. What luck!


OHTO Sunglasses – These sunglasses are NEVER going out of fashion. The iconic round shades were made a timeless accessory thanks to Jackie O who frequently sported them as First Lady in the 60s and for decades after. We absolutely love them. Handcrafted from wood on the Greek isle of Syros in the Mediterranean, these sunglasses are comfortable, fashionable and eco-friendly with state of the art lenses. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee! Take them anywhere, pair them with anything – they were created to impress while giving your eyes the sun protection they need (and deserve!).


Blush Colored Barrel Bag – The playful Barrel bag, by Greek design house Vice Versa, is fashioned by hand from 100% raw Greek leather in Athens. We were particularly delighted to visit the designers studio during our recent buying trip to Europe, to explore the inspired range of colors for both winter and spring! This blushing hue was a favorite! We adore the color because it is so easy to wear – especially when transitioning from winter to spring. Not only does it pair beautifully with this outfit, but could also be styled with any transitional garments in shades of blue, black or grey. The bag makes a subtle statement – fashionable yet laid-back – our personal go-to style.


 Each of the pieces that make up this look can stand alone - that is the best part about transitional apparel! – or can be easily paired together to create a complete outfit. That’s the best part about investing in pieces that can be styled again and again, every which way. So don't let the next few months get you down - keep your spirits light with beautiful clothing and accessories you can wear over the next few months, while you wait for delicious spring to slowly set in. All for now, stay warm loves!



















Outfit Details
Ione Coat | LILA Fashion International (In-Store ONLY)
Bryony Top | LILA Fashion International
Cutouts Pink Barrel Bag | LILA Fashion International 
Ohto Sunglasses | LILA Fashion International
Cat-Eye Tassel Necklace | LILA Fashion International