The Weekender

The Weekender

Scene: Manayunk, Pennsylvania

What's the absolute best part about the weekend? You may have already guessed it, but for us, it's the pure, unadulterated pleasure of dressing down. That means taking a well-deserved break from the restrictive, uncomfortable and confining clothing that is considered office appropriate, and slipping into something a little more, well, 'you'.


Thankfully many workplaces have become a little more lax with their dress codes, but even so, you must still always be mindful that your attire is up to snuff. And also, that you appear professional and polished, even if you don't quite feel like yourself.  The weekend is our remedy to that. As we transition into spring, our weekend wardrobe means paring back heavier attire like jackets and coats, and embracing lighter (and brighter!) pieces that are easy to layer and yet still comfy.  


One of our favorite ways to layer, is by executing the 'Oxford look', but with more fashion, less frump. Breaking it down, it's the traditional button-down and cable knit sweater combo, but with a twist. Follow along, as this little source of outfit inspo is just getting fun!





A plain button-down, is just that, plain... unless you've picked one with a playful print, or mixed it with pieces that can lend your look dimension. The one styled, the Blue Jay Feather print, is part of a larger collection that we discovered (and adore!) by Scottish designer Gibson & Birkbeck. In fact, each charming wildlife print motif is an homage to the Highlands of Scotland -- from the Mallard and Sly Fox shirts, to the Slouchy Pinecone Tee. No wonder we love them all. They're also boyfriend-fitted and made from cozy cotton poplin so they get high marks from us as an easy-to-style transitional piece for spring!


To complement the print, we styled it with the Iris Knit Top, featuring an ultra-soft upper in warm olive hues, and white lace bottom. Paired together, we love how the collar playfully pops out from the crewneck, while at bottom, you can still catch glimpses of the print through the beautiful detailing of the lace. Also, how darling is the baby doll cut of the Iris Knit? 


Accessories play a big role here, much with any outfit. Bottega Veneta's beautiful cat-eye and tortoiseshell shades make a statement all on their own, lending attitude and je ne sais quoi to the look. Also in the mix, a black leather Metal & Strass Bracelet for added edge, and a necklace from LILA's own collection of handmade jewelry to polish it all off. 





The darling Barrel Bag in Grey by Greek designer Vice Versa brings the entire look full circle. You've seen us style the Barrel many, many times - it's quickly become one of our all-time favorites and a staple in LILA Fashion International's online shop and storefront. Spotlighted is the larger of the two sizes, available in grey with a striking cutouts design. If you love this... just wait until you see our full range of colors! Head over to the LILA shop to see the entire collection... plus, keep checking back as NEW styles will be arriving in the shop very soon!


We're also delighted to share the newest addition to LILA - our line of furry pom pom accessory keychains that will lend a fun pop of color to your tote, top handle or clutch, when you're looking for a little something extra. Plus, they come complete with a key ring and hook so it's also perfect for keys, not just as a little bag charm. We're styling the Pom Keychain in Grey in this look, but you can view all the colors by typing 'Pom Keychain' in the Search bar or heading over to the LILA Luxe Jewelry section. Never leave the house without one! 


Leggings and knee-high suede wedges wrap up this look - though flats or ankle boots would make a great alternative if you're looking for a more casual footwear alternative. 


What are your thoughts? Does this look favor your weekend style? All for now. xo




Outfit Details

Sunglasses | Bottega Veneta

Iris Knit Top (Olive) | LILA Fashion International

Blue Jay Feather Shirt | LILA Fashion International 

Necklace | LILA Fashion International

Leather Metal & Strass Bracelet | LILA Fashion International

Grey Cutouts Barrel Bag | LILA Fashion International

Grey Pom Pom Keychain | LILA Fashion International

Suede Over-the-Knee Boots | Zara