Anna Beck

Anna Beck


Transport yourself to beautiful Bali through the inspirational work of jeweler, Anna Beck Designs. We were immediately drawn to the Los Angeles-based designer Becky Hosmer's unique jewelry creations and deep love for travel, in particular her fascination with this small Indonesian island.


Anna Beck jewelry is beloved for its handmade quality and unique signature style, which is heavily influenced by Balinese culture and the rich traditions of its people. Anna Beck’s local workshop in Bali weaves centuries-old Balinese technique into every step of the process, so that each finished piece is a testament to the thoughtful, intentional human touch that created.


"Like memories over the course of a lifetime, a woman collects jewelry – it becomes a part of her story," shares Becky in a candid letter to Anna Beck enthusiasts on her site. "It starts with a singular piece of self expression that turns into a narrative of self, and in turn connects her to the stories around her."


The traditions of Bali and the artistry of its craftsmen come together in the truly one-of-a-kind collections of Anna Beck. Take a piece of Balinese tradition home with you.