Blushface Paper Goods

Blushface Paper Goods

British Columbia, Canada

Goods that make you blush with a touch of love sealed within… that’s what Lisa Tran, the designer and owner behind Blushface, is all about.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Blushface grew out of an appreciation for designing and packaging personalized gifts for close friends and family. "The joy on their faces and their reactions made me realize I wanted to do more!" said Tran. "I wanted everyone to feel that certain way."


The brand, which has been in the business of making people 'blush' since 2010, is dedicated to creating a variety of 'feel good' paper and home goods, including a playful collection of mugs with chuckle-inducing statements like 'I Can’t Adult Today,' 'Coffee Makes Me Poop,' and 'Blow Me, I’m Hot.'"


"If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life," quoted Tran, who heartedly lives everyday by this mantra. "My love and passion for graphic design, mainly print design grew stronger and stronger as the years passed and I knew it was about time to 'do more of what makes you happy'".


Are you ready to start blushing?