Caren Lola

Caren Lola

Caren Lola

Beirut, Lebanon

Life is a fabulous party when it comes to Caren Barbour, the Lebanese fashion designer behind a covet-worthy collection of hand-beaded straw boater and sun hats.


The designer's infatuation with fashion started at a young age. Raised by her grandmother named Lola who was a woman reputed for her elegance and beauty, in the Beirut of the 1960s, Caren spent most of her time in her grandmother’s closets full of luxury accessories and ball gowns. In the Lebanese villa, she would dive into the trunks where pearls mingled with rare fabrics.


Fast forward to 2015 when so many of those treasured memories helped give life to the brand, Caren Lola – in part a tribute to the strong woman who was so influential in igniting Caren’s passion for fashion and design during those early years.


After graduating from fashion school, Caren started confectioning her first hand-embroidered hats made out of beads and selling them within her family circle. It wasn't until nearly a decade later that Caren decided to finally launch her own ready-to-wear fashion brand.


Caren Lola continually seeks to extend the boundaries of creativity. It starts with original materials like home furnishing fabrics, Plexiglas, mirrors and beads, which are then slowly revealed in handmade designs. Whether purses, hats or shirts, they play on color contrasts to reveal the originality of the shapes.


Explore Caren's Lola's fanciful collection of straw boater hats, featuring a black grosgrain ribbon with a hand-beaded design or her vacation ready straw sun hats.