Combos Knitwear

Combos Knitwear

 Thessaloniki, Greece

You’ve never seen knitwear like this before!

Greek heritage brand, Combos Knitwear (‘combos’ meaning a literal tie or knot that is the foundation of knitwear), has made us serious knitwear snobs… and you’re next!

Once you see and feel and live in a Combos knit for a season, you never go back. The family-owned brand, which has been in the business of knitwear since 1984, first got its start designing and manufacturing men’s knitwear exclusively! It wasn’t until 2015, that the brand went in a completely new direction – launching their first ever women’s knitwear line!

Combos Knitwear has become synonymous with impeccable quality and design. It’s a process they’ve innovated over the past 36 years and counting! Beloved for their buttery soft knit sweaters, chic sweater dresses and scrumptious knit cardi’s, get ready to be seduced by a new generation of the knit sweater. You’ll never be the same again… and neither will your closet.