Why not earn some cash from those castoffs you have in your closet? If you have high-end clothing in good condition but not getting worn, sell them through our online consignment shop. We’ll give you a whopping 60% of the final sales price!


Here’s how easy it works:


#1 Select one of the three box sizes below that will accommodate the items you want to consign.


#2 Send us an email detailing all of your items. We’ll send you a response within 48 hours, letting you know which items we will accept. If you agree to the terms, we’ll mail you the box. Simply pack up your items and send it back (we pay for the postage!).


#3 We’ll send you a contract and spreadsheet listing the price we’ve set for your items. Once you sign the contract, we’ll photograph your items and notify you when they are listed online. There may be a lag of three to four weeks between when you consign and when your items are listed, depending on the season. Once they are listed online, they will remain there for six months. Anything not sold will be returned or donated, as agreed upon in your contract.


Ready to get started?