Love From Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

Anastasia Gerali feels like our soul sister. Founder and owner of LOVE FROM CYPRUS (LFC), Anastasia has a Greek father and a mother from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. She was born and raised in South Africa, studied graphic design and photography in London, and followed her desire to create her own amazing line inspired by Cyprus, the birthplace of the mythical goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. 


LFC features handcrafted Greek leather sandals, bags, and jewelry made in Cyprus by local craftsmen and women using traditional techniques and raw materials exclusively sourced from the Mediterranean region.


In her own words, Anastasia describes LFC as a lifestyle, not a brand. Her top quality products are designed to take you from the beach to the street with style. They are perfect for girls (and guys) who live authentically, buy indie, and aspire to possess some of the Mediterranean spirit.