Many Mornings

Many Mornings

Aleksandrow Lodzki, PolandAleksandrow Lodzki, Poland

For the easiest, most free-spirited way to keep in step with the fashion world – wear novelty socks. No kidding! Take a look at the latest crop of paparazzi pics, and you’ll find society’s most famous feet showing off trendy toe warmers. Celebs and stylists agree: Socks with personality let us stand out and make a statement without being taken too seriously.


That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the creative ingenuity behind MANY MORNINGS, a young Polish company started by a pair of talented men who have leveraged their experience in the Łódź textile industry to design brilliantly patterned socks using the finest materials. And we’re not just talking wide stripes and polka dots. Check out the wild pineapples, bold beets, juicy watermelons, playful felines, and adorable dogs!


These colorful, lively socks will practically leap out of your sock drawer and demand to be worn. Even on those dreary weekday mornings when a single cup of coffee just won’t do, you just can’t help smiling when you slip on a pair of these super-cozy, handmade socks. They provide an electric pop to your everyday office attire and a creative outlet for your inner child. They make handy ice breakers on a first date and snuggly companions on lazy Sunday mornings when you’re watching reruns of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Because nothing rocks like your beetroot patterned socks!


Bonus: For every pair of socks you buy, MANY MORNINGS gives a pair of socks to someone in need. Now that’s good for the sole.