Athens, Greece

"I'm always on the look out for hidden treasures in my suppliers shelves. Stocking fabrics and hides until I combine them together to make something," says Konstantinos, the Greek designer behind the leather handcrafted goods brand, Milloo.


"Whether it be a handbag, a cosmetic case or a wallet, it's like a game for me to lay everything out on my table and try to make something out of them."


The Athens, Greece based designer recalls spending his childhood years among fabrics, sewing machines and clothing materials - an experience which undoubtedly sparked his fascination with clothes and leather goods making. While mastering technique and artistry was a challenge, it was one he welcomed. "Even though I never took a course on how to make a handbag, I used my skills in clothes making and spent a lot of hours in experimentation so that I can bring to reality, whatever idea was stuck in my head."


Konstantinos sources high quality leathers and hides from Greece to assemble each unique piece available through LILA Fashion International, including his roomy leather totes, which are simple, yet fashionable and can be used to carry all the daily essentials; equally chic phone wallets; and ultra-functional backpacks (large enough to accommodate a laptop!) with edgy snakeskin embossed detailing and multiple zippered pockets.