Athens, Greece

Cozy knit sweaters and sweater dresses, cold shoulder shirts and color-blocked coats in a palette of steely greys make up the contemporary cool line of apparel by Greek fashion label, Moutaki.


Inspired by the names of the Athens-based sister duo behind the brand, Sophia and Athena, the ‘little owl’ that has become the hallmark of Moutaki draws from the wisdom of the Ancient Greek goddess Athena, who often took on the form of an owl, and is represented in the good taste, design and quality of the garments.


The Moutaki sisters got their start designing small batch collections that embodied the aesthetic of their close friends and family that could easily be mixed and matched with more traditional closet staples. And as the brand has grown, Athena and Sophia have stayed true to preserving its fresh and modern feel, quality and affordability, with the introduction of each new collection.


The entire Moutaki collection in designed and made in Greece. Which piece will you make your own this season?