Gaia Denim Skirt

$ 160.00

Meet the icon GAIA denim skirt. This midi denim skirt is the most fashionable piece of the season, made of pure cotton in Greece. The KNLs elasticated logo band gives an epic twist to the this “all time classic” piece to refresh it and make it look cool and unique. The new age high waist and mid rise jean’s skirt is easy to wear, designed to match every body type according to size for a fitted straight line fit and styled with references to the 00’s. The logo band can be adjusted for a personalised touch. Distressed in light blue wash with a flattering fit. Love The KNLs signature logo.


  • Denim skirt with elasticated logo band
  • Pure cotton
  • Light Blue Wash
  • Sizing is S, M, L
  • Designed and made in Greece