10 Questions with Sierra

10 Questions with Sierra

Where to begin with Sierra. This girl has been our BIGGEST cheerleader since we opened up shop 3 years ago on Main Street, and we don't throw around praise very lightly. Since her first visit to our old location, she has become a support system we never knew we lacked and a close confidante. It still amazes me that someone could love our store and obsess over the designers, the clothing and the fashions as much as we do, and yet it's true. She's ridiculously knowledgable about all our designers, has a closet full of pieces from LILA (Karavan Clothing & Madame Shou Shou are her favorites!) and is the biggest ambassador for our brand that I've ever met. Just this morning, she shows up looking like she just walked off a movie set, styling our Edward skirt (styled above!) with a cropped black tank and platform heels. And over coffee, we were barely seated before someone approached to compliment her on her style and ask where her pieces were from. 


It was only until recently that Sierra officially came on board, but to us, the familiarity feels like a lifetime. I hope that you all can be so lucky as to meet such a person who from the start truly has your back, in friendship and in business. And even though she's also currently working towards a Master's degree in School Counseling, we'd be lying if we didn't say that we selfishly want to keep her all to ourselves! Is forever long enough? 


Q1. If we took a peek inside your bag - what would we typically find? We're talking the essentials you can never leave the house without!
Phone (duh!). A good moisturizing lip gloss and a neutral lipstick that can go with any outfit... just in case :) Lipstick can take any outfit to the next level so it's a necessity. And an array of hair accessories... hair ties, clips, scrunchies. I hate the feeling of my hair on my neck so it doesn't stay down for long!

Q2. Do you tend to experiment more with fashion or stick to the styles and prints you know you like?
Had you asked me this a few years ago, I would have told you that I definitely stick with the styles and prints I know I like. I wasn't very experimental at all, and stuck to mostly neutral colors and basic prints. But in the last few years I think that I have started to really play with bolder prints and colors and I have been having a lot of fun with it! I like being different and having pieces that I know no one else will have. 

Q3. Is there a specific trend this season that you're excited to try out?
ANIMAL PRINT. I think animal print has always been in, but this fall it's going to be HUGE and I am all about it. I have also been noticing a ton of slip dresses everywhere I go which I think is so great. A slip dress is sooooo versatile... you can wear a chunky turtle neck over it, pair it with a duster, a blazer. It's just a great staple piece. 

Q4. How would you describe your personal style and what would you say has inspired it?
This is a tough one. Maybe polished yet bold? I strive to appear professional but also expressive, because I think your style should speak to your personality. In regards to what has inspired it, I would say my transition into being the real "me." When I was younger, I just wanted to fit in, standing out was not something I wanted to do. I cared a lot about what other people thought of me and never wanted people to think "oh my god, what is she wearing?" Being different or unique was scary. But as I got older, I started to care a lot less about what other people thought of me, because it really didn't matter. Instead, I started to wear what made ME happy and what made ME feel good and feel pretty. I really do believe in "look good feel good" and that's what my focus is when I dress myself in the morning - not what anyone else is going to think about me or my outfit. 


At right: Styling the Edward skirt from LILA

Q5. What is that one item you'd never be caught dead styling! 
A fanny pack or those belt bags. I think they are so darn cute on other people but you will NEVER see me with one! Just not me. 

Q6. What are you most excited to start styling this fall? 
I am really excited to start incorporating some moody florals into my wardrobe. I have never been much of a floral fan, but I am seeing a lot of darker, richer floral prints pop up for this fall and I am really digging the vibe. 

Q7. What LILA pieces are you currently crushing on? 
Speaking of moody florals... the new Madame Shou Shou velvet floral jumpsuit is a DREAM!!! All of the Madame Shou Shou pieces that LILA just brought in are gorgeous, but that jumpsuit... Oh. My. God. 

Q8. What's your go-to coffee of choice?
I will drink iced coffee all year round. No flavors, nothing fancy. Just give me the iced coffee with cream and Splenda please!

Q9. What are 3 favorite accounts you follow on Instagram and what do you love about them?
Well, if this tells you anything, Karavan Clothing is the only Instagram account I have notifications set up for haha. This brand has stolen my heart completely and I get so excited every time they drop new pieces. Their clothing is so unique and so fun, and plus I have a girl crush on every single member of their team. Pretty sure I could be friends with all of them in real life.
I really love female-empowering accounts like @girlboss, @thegirlmob, @makerswomen and @gurlstalk. Everyone can use a little motivation on the daily and this is where I find mine! Its words geared towards women of all shapes, sizes and colors and the messages they offer are strong and beautiful. And every once in awhile they throw some humor in there because who doesn't need a good laugh?!
Everything else is just a mish-mash of stuff that I can't choose a favorite from haha. You'll find a lot of food, dog, and travel accounts because these are basically my favorite things in life.

Q10. All-time favorite restaurant in Philly?
Hands down Talula's Garden. The food is incredible. The drinks are oh so yummy. And the vibe is so romantic yet relaxed. It's just a super cute spot that never ever disappoints.