8 Fall Trends To Style Now

8 Fall Trends To Style Now

Over the last week or so, as we turned a new page to September, many of you asked what's coming up for fall. What trends you should look out for? What styles will be making their way into the shop? And if we think trend pieces make good investment pieces.


(Pictured above: 1. Cologne Pour Le Matin Kimono | 2. Check Blazer | 3. Check Drawstring Pant | 4. Lavande Dress


While trend forecasting can be so much fun (and we love sharing these insights with you) some trends are not for everyone. If fact, there are some trends that in our opinion, are not for anyone! Like the ugly dad sneakers or the teeny tiny micro bags that don't fit anything in them. Yep... those types of trends leave us thoroughly puzzled. And then there are the trends we simply can't get enough of - think of the recent obsession with all things pearl embellished or how about statement headbands? We're still seeing them everywhere! 


Simply put, it's fun to follow along with the trends, but if you are trying to build a sustainable wardrobe that truly lasts, go for pieces that speak to your personal style, have more classic lines and that you know will endure long after the fanfare has dissipated. If you're curious as to what this season's biggest and most wearable trends are, here's are roundup:


#1 Leopard

Well into its third season and returning in full force again is leopard. We really can't complain - we were styling leopard in the days before it was kinda a big deal. You'll have heard us quote before one of our favorite fashion icons Jenna Lyons, who said that leopard might as well be considered a neutral. The print is pretty much a timeless classic that can be paired with just about anything. Add this one to your closet because it won't be falling out of style anytime soon. 


Reine de la Nuit dress (right)

#2 Dark Florals

We thought that nothing could beat florals for spring until we saw dark florals for autumn and fell in love all over again. This moody take on one of our favorite prints has been embraced by major fashion players like Zimmerman and Prada as well in the collections of mainstream retailers like Topshop and Zara. We think you'll love THIS current favorite at LILA!


#3 Statement sleeves

A modern take on this 80s trend has been infiltrating the catwalks and has been spotted in the collections of contemporary brands like & Other Stories and Something Navy. Though we were never a fan of this trend, we can appreciate this element in its subtlety in the puff sleeve of a blouse, cardi or dress. THIS sweet piece takes the cake for statement sleeves!


#4 Lots of Velvet

Okay, so this may not be considered so much a trend because it pops back every fall and winter season, but this time around, we've been seeing A LOT of it. We love the beautiful velvet mules and statement velvet headbands that have been trending. And as for incorporating this texture into clothing - everything goes! Velvet jumpsuits (in black & polka dot green velvet!), kimonos and skirts can be found in all their loveliness in-store and at lilafashioninternational.com. 


Check Blazer (right)| Check Drawstring Trousers (far right)

#5 Suiting, but Cinched

The key to this refresh on the suited look is the belt. For many of the suits we saw on the runways this season for designers like Prada, Hermes and Marni, the blazers came with a built-in belt which we loved. More affordable brands like & Other Stories and Zara have also perfected the suited up looks.  We're currently obsessing over & Other Stories take on the Hourglass Blazer inspired by Balenciaga. Total wish list item! In the market for the perfect suited set without the luxury pricetag - we're currently loving this check blazer and trouser combo from the FW collection of our new Dutch designer. Also, this long check jacket would be perfect belted over denim. 


If you already have blazers in your closet, you can simply invest in a fun, statement belt to style them in a new way. They'll feel brand new all over again.  


#6 Western Style

This trend certainly isn't for everyone. In fact, you will never see us strutting around in traditional cowboy boots, like, ever. But a deconstructed boot with a little bit of 'wild west' influence... just maybe.  This season, we've spotted more subtle hints of the western style in clothing and accessories, and yes, in chic ankle boots too on the runways, that we would actually entertain wearing in our regular daily life and that could more easily be paired with our favorite fall looks.


#7 Leather

Head to toe luxurious leather looks dominated the runways. And don't get us started on the accessories. Currently drooling over the buttery soft leather pouch clutches and quilted leather heels by Bottega Veneta, which undoubtedly have become this seasons 'it' accessory. 



Vitae Polka Dot Blouse (left)

#8 Polka Dot

There is something about this print that always feels so classic and timeless. And while it's never really gone out of fashion, this past spring/summer we saw it often enough to christen it a sister trend to leopard. This season you'll be seeing the polka dot much more in street style and at LILA Fashion International as well. Currently obsessing over this polka dot blouse