Off To The Races - Fashionably, Of Course

Off To The Races - Fashionably, Of Course

As a former equestrian and an avid horse lover, I eagerly await the months of May and June to swing round. I re-read Secretariat and Seabiscuit and watch The Black Stallion and National Velvet. I meticulously plan my outfits, from the fascinator to the swinging sundress to just the right heel, looking forward to each occasion with childish glee. And it's not just the horses that are put on display... it's a real 'dog and pony show' for the masses. Who wore it better? You bet. It's a people watching paradise!


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dressing - though if you ask me - the more fanciful the better. What you choose to wear comes down to how you plan to spend your day. Will you be cheering from the grandstand, the clubhouse or your own personal suite? Or perhaps playing host at your own derby party? Consider going classic, with a flowy sundress in soft pastel hues (floral accents a plus!), bold separates, and a headpieces that ... turns heads? You guessed it. 


To get you ready for the races, I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces and how to style them below. First up, the Kentucky Derby. See you in the stands!


Must-Attend Equestrian Events 2016

  • Kentucky Derby | May 6th & 7th 
  • Preakness Stakes | May 21st
  • Radnor Hunt Races | May 21st
  • Devon Horse Show | May 26th to June 5th
  • Belmont Stakes | June 11th








    Anchors Away Bracelet $68 | Essie Corals Nail Polish $8.50 | KIMOTHOI Barrel Bag $620 | Silktail Jumpsuit $145 | Overboard Bangle $78 | Fascinator Headband $44 | Erato Sandals $85



    White Bow Hat $68 | Iris Necklace $65 | Barrel Bag $50 | SJP Satin Heels $350 | OHTO Sunglasses $305 | Liwi Dress $210




    Saddle Bag Camel $85 | August Red Hat $130 |  Ivanka Trump Heel $130 | Smew Dress $220 | Primrose Necklace $120 |  Jack Rose Nail Polish $15






    Veery Dress $190 | Twiggy Sunglasses $295 | Agate Ring | Pegasus Sandals $95 | Need A Vacation Essie Nail Polish $8.50 | Floral Sinamay Hat $68 | Wave Clutch $72 | Forget-Me-Not Necklace Set