Rompin' Around: One Look, Two Ways

Rompin' Around: One Look, Two Ways

The romper is seriously underrated. 


It doesn't get nearly as much time in the spotlight as some other tried-and-true summer staples. Yes, the worn-in denim shorts and the comfy, casual tees will always make it to the top of your favorites list. But as the temps start heating up, consider the romper (otherwise known as the playsuit), as a versatile addition to your closet.  


A simple reason to love the romper? Finding the right top to match your bottoms is one less decision you'll have to make. That's a biggie considering how many decisions, large and small, we're bombarded with on the daily.  Venti soy latte or grande double shot espresso macchiato? Date night out or dining in? Game of Thrones or House of Cards? Decisions, decisions! 


Another plus? They're great in a pinch! Made for easily styling up or down, without having to add extra pieces to the mix or change your look altogether. When picking your playsuit, think soft pastels or floral prints, both of which are very much on trend for this season. I'm also a fan of the loose fitted and lightweight. The airer the better, and a godsend come mid-August. 


If you're channeling casual vibes for the weekend, sandals are the way to go. They're a great choice if your looking for low-key. Whether you're headed to a summer festival, perusing the food stalls at an open air market or heading to the Art Museum for a little culture, they're comfortable and can go the distance. I'm also an advocate for accessorizing. No matter the event, there is always occasion to style both the subtler pieces in your jewelry box or the shoutier ones that are sure to garner compliments. I've provided examples of both! 


Rendezvousing later that day for lunch at that upscale-ish brasserie that just opened around the corner? The one everyone's talking about?! Oh my. It's moments like this that get us frazzled. When we're crunched for time and have declared that we have nothing in our closets to wear.  I'm a huge fan of the wedge - which I've conveniently used to style up my romper. Another alternative would be the platform sandal, identified as one of the hottest shoe trends to grace the runways for Spring/Summer 2016. The most popular styles feature a wooden or cork platform; though both are eye-catching, my recommendation is to opt for the cork. The wood starts to weigh a little heavily after a few hours on your feet. That's a party killer.


Accessorizing with a chunky bracelet stack and bolder necklace or earrings will take your look up a notch. I always tend to gravitate towards rhinestones, which were traditionally reserved for more formal occasions, but have since embraced a range of looks from polished workwear to Sunday brunch. Who am I to argue with that?


Other ways to reinvent this look, two ways... Try cinching your romper with a waist belt - skinny, buckled, embellished, patent - using your judgement when it comes to cut and color. Another statement maker is your purse - consider pairing a crossbody with your sandals if you're on-the-go; or complementing your platform sandals with a clutch or mini top handle for your special occasion outing. 


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Dressy: J. Crew Rhinestone Necklace & Bracelet Stack | J. Crew Wedges


Photo credit: Olive Eye Photography