11 Fall Trends To Follow

11 Fall Trends To Follow

The crisp cold days of fall have finally caught up with us - that took a while! And while you may be ready to embrace it, is your wardrobe? 


With the changing seasons, you'll also need to change up your closet. It usually takes us a weekend to store away all our easy wear tanks, cutoffs, sandals and swimwear until next summer and bring out the knits, cords, sweaters galore, boots and outerwear that will get us through the season. This is a good time for a mini closet edit - if you haven't worn it the past few years, get rid of it! Clearing out some valuable real estate in your closet is cathartic! It will also allow you to dedicate space for a few select new pieces that you know will get a lot of wear. Plus, the refresh will allow you to see your wardrobe with a renewed perspective. How many ways can you find to mix and match old with new pieces in your closet? The possibilities are endless!


With so many new fall and winter trends coming at us from every direction - from our fave bloggers and influencers we tune in to watch daily, to the fashion mags, and our Pinterest boards with endless seasonal outfit inspiration, shopping at times can feel daunting. What trends are here to stay? What's worth the investment? We stopped by the This Is It TV studio this past week to talk Fall Trends with the show's host Cheldin Barlatt Rumer (Watch it here!). Here's a roundup of a few of our most beloved seasonal trends that make the cut, with pieces that are available at LILA Fashion International to add to your closet. 


#1 Animal Print

We're seeing this trend everywhere and loving it! We'd say this has become the standout trend of the season. So many brands have embraced their wild side by incorporating leopard and snakeskin into their collections - from boots to midi-skirts, knits and accessories, we'll take it all.  How to style it? Tame your print with muted tones like a white or cream knit. Or, go bold by popping it with neon orange (another seasonal favorite!) or cherry red.



#2 The 'Ugly' Sneaker

These aren't your dad's sneakers... though they may look like them. We would have never thought it possible, but the 'ugly' sneakers have been plaguing the fashion world since this past summer, and they have yet to go away! While we would never embrace this trend (though some of our favorite influencers have styled the most atrociously designed Balenciaga and LV sneaks we have ever seen!), we are a fan of the more traditional ‘leisure’ sneaker. You know the ones we are talking about - the chic and comfy sneaks that can be easily paired with a dress or skirt for more casual vibes. These we will embrace any day of the week and twice on Sunday.


#3 Color Pop

While it's become habit to strip our wardrobes of all color once the summer has passed, this season we've got another thing coming! Classic fall colors have hit the shelves and we're coveting every shade for our own closets. Think mustard yellows, burnt oranges, forest greens and deep merlot reds. And let's not forget burgundy, which returns every fall and winter season, yet continues to always feel fresh! Some designers have turned up the dial and have added a splash of neon to their collections! Corals, neon oranges, fuchsia and bright green are making a statement. Will these make it into your wardrobe as well?



#4 Oversized Knits 

This should come as no surprise, chunky, oversized knits really do define the season. There's something about the temperatures dropping that makes cozy, loosely fitted turtleneck sweaters and knits seem that much more appealing. It's kinda like taking your comforter to work with you, everyday, or so it feels that way. Bring on the knits!


#5 Unconventional Boot

Yes, every wardrobe needs a classic black and brown boot to pair with everything, but where's the fun in that? We're after the designs that combine trend with functionality. We'll always leave room in our shopping budget to add a bolder boot to the mix - be it with a touch of velvet, brocade, studding or some other unique feature. 



#6 High-Waisted

The days of Britney Spears and the near-crotch bearing bottoms are over... or at least kept at bay for one more season. Phew!  Indeed, the high-waisted trend is here to stay and we're grateful for it. Without a need to bare the midriff, we love the silhouette that a great pair of high-waisted pants can provide. They can accentuate the waist (and the curves!) without showing any skin. 


#7 Winter White

Forget all that 'you can't wear white after Labor Day' nonsense. There's nothing more romantic than winter white. Plus, it will set you apart from the crowd that never stray's far from the 'usual' - and by that, we mean a strictly black, grey and brown palette. Embrace a chic, a head-to-toe white or cream look - it's a simple way to break out of your comfort zone if you're not quite ready to go neon. 



#8 Mad for Plaid

The season just doesn't feel right without a pinch (ok, a lot!) of plaid. We love this classic print (or as we call it, tartan) so much that we had to go straight to Scotland to source it. That's right, our cozy collection of kilts, tammy's and scarves in traditional tartan print is all made in Scotland from pure new wool. Plus, a few tartan pieces from favorite Greek designers like Madame Shou Shou and Moutaki have made their way into the shop and are ready to take your ensemble to the next level. 


#9 The Ankle-Grazing Midi Skirt 

You've spotted them around town and our shop is no exception! The ankle-grazing midi skirt is 'in'. Whether you've already snapped up one of our leopard midi skirts for everyday styling or taken your pick of our tulle and embroidered sequin skirts, this particular length skirt is the way to go - especially as the weather cools. Pair yours with an oversized knit sweater (give it a little front 'tuck') and ankle boots for a seamless transition into the season.  




#10 The 'It' Accessory

If you're not quite ready to take risks with your wardrobe, the accessory is the gateway to experimentation. This season, leopard and snakeskin are making a bold introduction into the accessories department. They can lend just enough pop to give a muted ensemble more dimension. Plus, let's not overlook the belt bag - a major trend that we're totally digging right now. It's not your mama's fanny pack anymore. Big name brands like Gucci, YSL, Chanel (and the list goes on!) have taken a design that was once shunned by the sartorial set and made it into a must-have accessory. And we've drunk the cool-aid, big time. 


#11 Texturizing

When it comes to textures, everyday favorites that we can rely on to circle back every season are cozy wools, cashmeres, soft cottons, leathers and cords. But the season is also rich with so many special occasions and holiday parties that getting 'all dolled up' is pretty much a given. Lace, sequin, tulle and velvet top the list of textures we love for these special outings. Plus, don't be shy about playing with texture combinations when building your look; you'd be surprised how velvet can complement tulle or a faux leather pant can elevate a basic knit. 



As much as we love a good trend, it’s important to select pieces for your closet that can endure season after season and that are right for you. If you're not feeling neon, or the sneaker trend just isn't 'you' don't waste time on it. Know your style enough to pass on the pieces that just won't flatter or that will never see the light of day after you make the purchase. 


At the same time, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new. Tailor trends to fit your personal style. Start small with accessories until you get more comfortable. And don't forget tag us in your #LILAWear when you start styling the trending pieces you choose to take home with you.  




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