New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

Well, kinda. Shall we say, new-ish? It's been two months since we settled into our new space - and what a move it was! We were delighted to hear from so many of you that the move just down the street to our new location at 4339 Main Street appeared seamless. Behind the scenes, it was anything but! 


In the recent filming our Store Tour on Manayunk Mornings, we joked with host Caitlin from that our lack of a fitting room has become part of a ongoing tradition. The tradition of leaving that one thing undone with each store opening. Not purposely, obviously! In our former space, one of the frames on our photo wall (next to the Hello sign!) was never filled with a picture. And because of it -- we were always asked if our frames were for sale. 


Clearly, nothing has changed! In fact, we've graduated from a simple frame to a fitting room. Not quite the same thing, but we're starting to see a pattern here...


So what's the ETA on the fitting room? The move took so much out of us that we're taking a little siesta before we tackle another installation. Until then, we've been incredibly grateful to all of you for changing in our store kitchen and bathroom! Seriously, you all are the best. 


That being said, as soon as the shop was up and running we were excited to bring our photographer and dear friend Rebecca, who we have known for years, to the shop to take some pretty photos that we could show off. If you haven't stopped by our new location yet -- these visuals will give you a little something to look forward to!



Welcome to our spot at 4339 Main Street in Manayunk! One of the best things about the new shop is all the window space. We now have so much more room to work with and can really get creative with our displays.  What did you think about the 'Splash into Summer' theme we debuted at the opening of the new space? Coming up with this concept happened in a major time crunch. As in the day before we officially opened, when we were still trying to finalize all the other aesthetic details. This project definitely took us back to our school days with the colorful inner tubes and drops of water we had to cut out by hand. Oh, the things you do in the name of what you love! We'll be switching this display up in a few weeks as we prep for fall - any ideas what the theme will be?



Recognize the hello sign?  Although much has changed in our new space, there are some things we'll never part with... this being one of them. Step into the shop and you'll be greeted with these words and just one of the 'living' corners of our shop we designed to house the potted plants and blooms of our florist-in-residence, Lana Tang of Junebug Flowers. Consider this your go-to spot for beautiful, ready made arrangements, build-your-own bouquets and an assortment of vases for the home! Fresh blooms are available daily. Plus, keep an eye out for Lana's upcoming workshops. Here's the lineup: 


 September 6, Back to School Block Printing

September 27, Autumn Wreaths

October 18, Halloween Terrariums

November 8, Halloween Floral Arrangements 





So many wooden accents lend the space a more natural aesthetic. The display table featuring a massive tree trunk was such a perfect complement to the live green wall (scroll down to see it!) and the addition of the potted plants and blooms from Junebug Flowers. It makes for such a great centerpiece in the shop and is currently displaying a selection of our all natural bath soaks, Tub Truffles and Tub Teas and our vegan Bloom & Fleur perfume line!





What are the perks of having your very own florist-in-residence? You can always expect to find fresh blooms popping out here and there amongst the merch - giving the space an extra touch of care and attention. It's the little things. 

A favorite remark we always hear is how wonderful the shop smells. It's all thanks to an intoxicating blend of fresh blooms and candles that we also sell in-store. 



Behold the exposed brick! Does it not make a statement in the shop? We really can't take all the credit for such stunning accents - the former owner of this space, which once housed the Bazemore Gallery - had the best eye for detail. We are so very lucky to now call this space home and to be able to appreciate (daily!) all the details that make it so unique. 


You'll also notice that many of the furniture pieces we selected to outfit the shop are wooden. If you are looking for pieces for your own home or workspace, be sure to head over to Nadeau! We sourced so much of our furniture from this neighboring Main Street retailer. From the shelving units we bought and painted Kelly green (pictured above!) to our display tables and cashwrap - they have an incredible selection of pieces and goods for the home that you can make your own. 



Our days of coveting a chic lounge area are over! So many hours were spent on Pinterest looking for interior design inspo when we were first conceptualizing the space. One of the things we wanted most was to dedicate an area of the floor to seating all the brave husbands and boyfriends who accompany their ladies into the shop for some retail therapy. We were able to create this little nook for just that purpose and we love how it turned out!



To have a living and breathing green wall in the new space is a dream. We so often get asked if it's real - YES, it is! It has a built-in watering system that operates daily on a timer. And the team that installed it stops by to check in on it regularly to ensure its in optimal health and to polish the leaves so they look extra shiny! No joke - this plant is more high-maintenance than either one of us - but it's well worth it. 



 Have you been into the new space yet? We'd love to know your impressions! To be surrounded by so much beauty makes coming in to work everyday such a pleasure. xx


Photo credit: Rebecca Gudelunas Photography