Meet us at the Barre

Meet us at the Barre

Barre Focus Fitness Instructor Kelly Swiech (@kswiech) teaches us a thing or two about how to get fit (and fabulous!) in the studio - one lift, tuck and squeeze at a time! 




Barre is one of the fastest growing trends in the fitness world. Its rapid takeover has many people asking, what exactly is barre? When I walked into my first barre class four years ago, I was told it was a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet. As a former ballet dancer, I was intrigued by this, but I soon discovered it was so much more. Barre is a total body workout. It will sculpt and tone your body, giving you long, lean dancers’ muscles. Exercises help build strength without adding bulk. Workouts are composed of isometric holds to strengthen muscles, and improve balance and posture; as well as very small micro-movements that involve “squeezing”, or contracting, the muscles you are working. These small movements are the foundation of barre workouts. Minimal props are used as your own body’s resistance is enough to get your muscles shaking- literally!


At Barre Focus Fitness (BFF), pictured below, where I teach all levels of barre, classes are a complete workout designed to strengthen arms, quads, glutes and hamstrings. And because your core is engaged for the entire hour long class, it’s a killer ab workout! Stretching follows the work of each muscle group to lengthen and tone your body as well as increase flexibility.


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If you’re not convinced yet, try a class for yourself. Most people that try barre once keep coming back. The primary reason being that results are seen so quickly! Within just a few weeks new members notice increased strength, toned muscles, and often improvements in balance and posture. And because classes are offered for all levels, with modifications or options for advancement, anyone from the beginner to the more experienced, can participate. You'll love the sense of accomplishment that comes after completing a class!


At BFF, our standard barre classes are all very low-impact so it is great for all ages, as well as those coming back to exercise after recovering from injuries. Don't be shy to speak with me or one of our other instructors privately about any questions or concerns you have about the exercises or your body. We want to ensure that you receive your best possible workout! With quick effective sets you not only change your body, but also increase your energy, grace, and self-confidence. With so many benefits, what do you have to lose?


First class is free for first time visitors to BFF. Meet us at the barre!


Catch up with Kelly next Sunday for instruction on some killer barre moves to get you in tip top shape for beach season!