Need More Sleep

Need More Sleep

Weekends are messy. I like them that way. I can sleep in late, who doesn't need more sleep? And wake up naturally without an alarm clock... at 9am. Blissful. I can strip off the confining clothes from my corporate 9-5 and just be me. 


I do love agency life - but nothing beats slipping into a comfy tank, bra strap showing and all (which I only realized after the fact - I'm only human!) and my fave mini. I've had this H&M skirt for years - and I can't seem to part with it. I bought it studying abroad in London during my senior year of college; you could say I've developed some sort of an emotional tie to it. That's often the case with pieces in my closet. Each garment carries a memory, reminiscent of a chapter in my life, a milestone, a birthday...




Though I like to hold on, I do make room for the new. That's the 5% fun part of owning your own business (the other 95% is scary as hell!) As a Greek, I feel particular pride in some of the pieces we've brought to LILA. THIROS is a designer I've grown up wearing and loving. To finally share his beautiful, and affordable collection of vegan leather handbags - all made in Greece! - on LILA, has been unreal. What takes the cake though for making the impossible, possible (the REAL dreammaker) is being able to introduce the LILA Luxe Jewelry Collection to you. 


What was the thought behind the collection? Honestly, it was largely in reaction to seeing 'plastic,' 'mixed metal,' 'imported' or 'Fabrique en Chine' on the tags of jewelry pieces from favorite shops and boutiques. It was also because we wanted to do something for Greece, which has endured much economic duress in the last few years, and which both Lisa and I love dearly. Every single piece of LILA jewelry is handmade in a small studio in Athens using semiprecious stones, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver charms and accents.  And each piece from this season's collection was inspired by the beauty of the Greek isles.


Now you can take a piece of Greece, back home with you. 







Photography - Wide Eyed Studios


Sunglasses - Miu Miu (Neiman Marcus Last Call)

Sea Turtle Necklace - LILA Luxe Collection 

Louloudi Pearl Necklace - LILA Luxe Collection 

Adella Seashell Ring - LILA Luxe Collection

'Need More Sleep' Tank Top - T.J. Max

Sandstone Vegan Leather Clutch - THIROS (LILA Fashion International)

Skirt - H&M

Shoes - Nine West (Macy's)