Mondays a la mode

Mondays a la mode

Happy Monday lovers! I know what you are thinking… who the hell is happy on Mondays?! Well let me tell you – for years I wasn’t. In a prior life, in some parallel universe, that seems like it was eons ago – I worked a traditional 9 to 5. My domain was clinical research and although I absolutely loved the science (I am a biology major after all) something just felt off. There came a point in my life when I started to dread Mondays at 5 p.m. on Fridays, and this feeling persisted for months. So one day, I took the leap and I resigned from a job that had made me unhappy for so long. It was terrifying, but I did it for me. Six months later, LILA Fashion International was born.


Now I know that we cannot all just quit our day jobs – and some of us are very happy at work – and simply wish the weekend were a few days longer… So instead of sharing the seven steps to quitting your job – I am going to instead tell you the seven fashion staples that make me happy – even on the most dreadful of Mondays. And that’s after coffee, of course!




The Oversized Hat

Whether you just can’t be bothered to style that hair or you just want an excuse to hide under something, my go-to for combating those grueling Monday mornings is an oversized hat. Did I mention added sun-protection?! The felt hat above was purchased on a trip to Chicago from Bloomingdales and since then we have forged a tight relationship. It always comes out on top – to make me feel fabulous and keep the world at bay.




The Oversized Shades

Sundays maybe the day of rest – but let me tell you something – this girl isn’t resting. Sunday is the day I run most of my errands. If anything I am more tired on Sunday than I am on Friday... and honestly, I’m a little off my game. Long story short, I need MAJOR eye coverage. In fact, I depend on it. So even though I know how tired I am, the rest of the world is spared! Cue in the oversized shades. These particular Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies are amongst my faves.




The Swoon-Worthy Necklace 

Jewelry is my perfect disguise. It helps me look fabulous, even when I don’t always feel it. My philosophy – more is less. I can’t get enough of statement making pieces, and that’s translated into the LILA Luxe Collection. It’s all about bright, swoon worthy pendants, rings and bracelets – all handmade in our small art studio in Athens using genuine semiprecious stones and sterling silver accents. The mother-of-pearl necklace I’m styling in this look is so very versatile! Whether I wear it long or double it up – it’s always stands out.




The Bright and Beautiful Maxi Dress

I am a huge maxi dress fan, maybe it is because they are non-restrictive and cover all the “right” places! Or maybe it’s just that I find them to be both comfortable and sexy. Whatever the reason, Mondays are maxi dress days. And if I had it my way, so would Tuesday through Friday.




The Statement Sandal

Just like over-the-knee boots are my go-to piece for the fall – you wouldn’t catch me dead in the summer without a pair of over-the-top sandals. This summer my Mondays are accentuated with the Hermes sandal by Cypriot designer Love From Cyprus. What criteria do I personally use when sandal shopping? Well… it’s quite simple. The sandal must be 100% leather – so that rain or shine it stands the test of time. The fantastic thing about leather sandals is that they age with you. The leather gets darker and softer as the summer days go by. There is no fear that the plastic straps will crack, or that the sole will melt away. Leather sandals help me transition from beach to street and still keep me looking chic. Mondays are always made better with a pair of these beauties.




 The Light Weight Clutch

On occasion, and especially on Mondays – it feels like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders – be it literally (in my tote) and figuratively. The best way to combat this feeling is to start the week off light. You don’t need to pack you’re entire life in your tote – though I’ll be the first to admit I have a tendency to do so. Sometimes all you need is your smartphone, a credit card, floss (I’m a stickler for it) and lipstick. On Mondays I opt for my vegan-leather THIROS clutch. It makes me feel lightweight and free.





The Wide Smile 

The biologist in me insisted that I add this final “fashion” accessory to the list. You might ask – how does smiling help me make it through the most grueling day of the week? Allow me to embellish…


  1.  Smiling makes you attractive to others! There is an unconscious and instinctive attraction to people who smile.
  2. Smiling can change your mood. If you make an effort to smile even when you don’t want to or when it is difficult there is a possibility that it might improve your affect and transform the way you are feeling.  
  3. Just like yawning, smiling is contagious! Did you ever just get the giggles because others around you were giggling?! When people see someone smile they instinctively want to be with them. Not only will you start to feel good but you will also help others feel good!
  4. Smiling relieves stress. Stress is often written all over our faces. Smiling helps us appear better, less worn down, less tired. Improving our appearance can often help with relieving some of our stress.
  5. Smiling boosts your immune system. Smiling can help you relax, and relaxing actually stimulates your immune response.
  6. Smiling lowers your blood pressure. Evidence has shown that when people smile it can also act to lower their blood pressure.
  7. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. Research has reported that smiling releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers, along with the hormone known as “the feel good hormone” serotonin.



Photography - Wide Eyed Studios


Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Plage Seashell Ring - LILA Luxe Collection 

Necklace - LILA Luxe Collection

Maxi Dress - Leith (Nordstrom's)

Felt Hat - BP.

Standstone Vegan Leather Clutch - THIROS (LILA Fashion International)

Kamares Sandals - Love from Cyprus (LILA Fashion International)