Monday Morning Motivators

Monday Morning Motivators

There are countless “perks” to owning your own business and being your own boss. I love being able to decide what my schedule is going to look like from day-to-day. I enjoy working with designers who inspire me their professional work as well as their work ethic and personality. However, the one thing I'm still adjusting to is my home office.


Now I know what you are thinking – anyone who has the ability to work from the comfort of their home and doesn’t love it is nuts… but at times there are way too many distractions! And bouncing ideas off...myself? Well you get the picture. When you're not working in a traditional corporate environment, with coworkers, sometimes it can get a little too quiet. Even when I'm dealing with the usual flow of business with our designers oversees, the post office, the bank... sometimes I feel (just a tad bit) nostalgic for the office. 


It can also be tricking setting a schedule, since I am mistress of my own time. I am often very tempted to spend the entirety of the morning in bed, sipping my cappuccino. So lately I have been trying something new that has not only made me feel motivated to start the day at a specific time and in a specific way but also allows me to do what I love, first thing, in my own way.


It's is picking my work outfit and getting it on – first thing. That's it. Plain and simple. 



This morning I am going to be sporting a comfortable pair of palazzo pants since the weather has gotten a bit chilly. I also love palazzo pants because although they are beautiful and chic for meetings outside the home, they are also comfortable and roomy for the hours spent at my desk at home. This specific pair has both floral and geometric designs and is straight leg.




On top I am wearing one of many little white knits that I own. I think that similar to the LBD (little black dress) – the little white knit should be a staple in every woman’s closet. I must have around ten different little white knits – in a variety of styles and fabrics. These pants have a lot going on and so something chic and understated on top is the way to go.



Palazzo pants – in my opinion – should always be worn long and flowing. I happen to be 5’4” and so it is critical to also have on hand a nice high pair of wedges or heels so that my pants aren’t dragging. This morning I have chosen an older pair of espadrilles but ones that I am still completely in love with. They are nude patent leather and sport a bright yellow sole. They are detailed enough to really pop – but their nude color helps also tone them down for outfits like this one.





Finally, the accessories – I don’t have any vendor meetings this morning – so I won’t been needing a briefcase, but I am running a few errands. My burgundy top handle by THIROS is the perfect carry all. The burgundy is a perfect complement to palazzo pants and is a warm welcome for fall. It is feminine yet functional. The other thing I love about THIROS handbags is that they are animal friendly (made of vegan leather) and as such, are pretty much rain-drop proof! I never encourage you to leave your purse in a down pour, but with the unpredictable weather we have been having lately in Philly, I like knowing that I can run from my car to where I need to be without worrying that I'm going to destroy my purse.



The final accent I picked out for this look is the LILA Luxe Olympus Mauve Necklace. It is simple and chic and perfect for this look. It is designed to sit above the collarbone to accent the neckline and it also picks up some of the purple in the pants. The mauve color of the beads really stands out on the knit, making it just bold enough (but not overdone) for running my morning errands.



So there you have it ladies. This is how this #girlboss gets motivated… one little white knit and one pair of palazzos at a time!




Photography: Wide Eyed Studios
Sunglasses: Miu Miu (Neiman Marcus Last Call)
THIROS Top Handle: LILA Fashion International
Olympus Mauve Necklace: LILA Fashion International
Little White Knit: Autograph for Marks & Spencer
Palazzo Pants: Bobeau
Espadrilles: G for Guess 
Felt Hat: BP.