Mirrored Metallic

Mirrored Metallic

Cinderella had her glass slipper. Dorothy, her red sparkly flats. As for me? Mirrored metallic pumps, please!


Though not quite as cool as a Disney flick or Judy Garland's ticket home to Kansas, at the time, they were a risky investment. To many, they still are.


To own them, was to take a step outside of my comfort zone. And walking around with two large reflectors strapped to my feet was guaranteed to draw attention. I certainly had my reservations. Were they too flashy? Futuristic? Work appropriate? Could I match them easily with other pieces from my closet? I bit the bullet.


You'd be surprised to discover how well I've put these mirrored metallic pumps to use. Are they flashy - hell yes! But they're also polished, fashion forward and perfect for the office (if like me, wearing heels to work is a must!) I find I often slip them on when I'm styling silver jewels or when I need modernize 'traditional' workwear, or pop a lackluster outfit. You bet, I also have those days. 


 It's been years since I (finally!) started making purchases that were true to my style. And 4 years ago, adding a pair of mirrored metallic pumps to my closet was just one of the many milestones. 


In this look, I'm celebrating my personal style with these pumps, which I've paired with a neutral top, a favorite pair of Miu Miu sunnies, jewelry from the NEW fall collection of LILA Luxe Jewelry, a THIROS monogrammed backpack and a statement skirt.


Now, what's in your closet?




Photography: Wide Eyed Studios


Sunglasses: Miu Miu (Neiman Marcus Last Call)

THIROS Backpack: LILA Fashion International

Athos Pearl Necklace: LILA Fashion International

Sea Green & Evil Eye Bracelet: LILA Fashion International

Irini Accent Ring: LILA Fashion International 

Skirt: Lush (South Moon Under)

Metallic Pumps: Just Fab