Falling for the Silk Scarf

Falling for the Silk Scarf

After nearly a decade of East Coast living, it feels like fall runs through my blood. The anticipation is enough to get me excited. I love the sight of leaves turning amber, gold and russet and the feel of cooler temps, which heighten the senses. Throw into the mix the rich smells of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and I am ecstatic. But honestly now… who doesn’t love hayrides and picking pumpkins right out the pumpkin patch? Or going to fall festivals where the wine is mulled and the brews are some variety of pumpkin. One of my favorite brewery’s, River Horse, actually has a seasonal beer I look forward to  every year called Hipp-O-Lantern!


As a boutique owner and fashionphile, my obsession with autumn may have  a little too much to do with my fondness for silk scarves, over-the-knee boots, over-sized sweaters, and a million different shades of the color, brown. 


The silk scarf in particular - at least for me - is a fall staple. It was created for the cool not for the cold, and for the lady who wants to elevate her look from 'contemporary chic' to 'timeless'. The silk scarf is a bestseller in some of Europe's most iconic fashion houses, including Hermes, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Fendi and Missoni. 


When I put on my silk scarf, I channel old Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies. Think, Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, zipping around the city with her main man, in style and on the back of a Vespa!  Here's the line up of my fave silk scarves for fall:


1. The Trojan Horse (Designer: Grecian Chic)



Equestrian themed scarves have stood the test of time. This beauty is no different. Designed by Greek designer Eleni Zournatzi and made in the United Kingdom, the Trojan Horse silk scarf is truly one-of-a-kind. The varying shades of grey and brown are perfect for the fall season. The red lends a pop of color to the print. 



2. L'Arbre du Vent (Designer: Hermes)


You cannot talk silk scarves without mentioning Hermes. The L'Arbre du vent was created as a tribute to the Huichol people of Mexico's western Sierra Madre. These people practice a polytheistic religion and worship the "divinity inherent in every aspect of the natural world". This silk masterpiece is an embodiment of just that. The royal blues and brick reds demand your attention - making this scarf perfect for a woman looking to stand out this season. 


3. Midnight Kiss (Designer: DIANE von FURSTENBERG)


This scarf made the cut because it is playful and feminine. The reds, pinks and oranges that make up this scarf's color scheme are also very seasonally appropriate. Time to pucker up for fall...


4. Caribbean Skull (Designer: Alexander McQueen)


This girl loves anything and everything McQueen. I gravitate towards fashion looks that are edgy with a little bit of punk and in my opinion nothing says edge like Alexander McQueen. I particularly love the colors, which meld together to create an inspired piece for the fall that looks different from every angle. 


5. Vintage in Jewels (Designer: CHANEL)




Oh, Chanel. How I adore you. If anything gets me in the spirit of the season, its this fashion house. Everything from the design, to the softness of the silk. The only thing standing between me and Chanel is a little piece of paper with a very large number on it. But this particular jeweled gem... is vintage and on consignment to us! Grab it and make it a part of your fall collection this year and every year moving forward.