Be My Galentine: A Gift Guide

Be My Galentine: A Gift Guide

It's safe to say that we are the biggest champions of love that you'll ever meet. Mushy, gooey, cheesy love - that's what we're all about! We are the hopeless romantics that believe in epic love stories, happily ever afters and the 'John Cusack holding a boombox outside your bedroom window' kind of grand gestures.

And although we're all about celebrating love all year round, February is the perfect excuse for us to be acceptably obnoxious about it. All month long, we're cheering on love in all its forms! Whether you're showing yourself a little extra love, gifting a galentine, or looking for something for one of the strong women in your life... we have a few (ok, A LOT of) ideas! From our silhouette candles scented with Cocoa Butter & Cashmere to our new Disney Villain-themed self care goodies and beautifully ornamented hair accessories, take a peek at our lovingly curated Galentine's Gift Guide. Wishing you a month full of love! xo 


1. Jacklin Cardigan & Nadin Pant

2. Beaded Brass Heart Earrings 

3. Maleficent Sheet Mask

4. Braided Pink Sweater

5. Evil Queen Headband & 4 Face Masks Set

6. Pearl Starburst Headband in Raspberry

7. 'My Passport' Barrel Bag in Fuchsia


1. Zora Pullover (Burgundy) & Lina Mini Skirt

2. Ursula Sleep Mask

3. Rosette Headband

4. Rori Top & Gabriella Skirt

5. Double Flower Earrings (Blush)

6. Tribe Scrunchie (Eye Flower Ivory)

7. Silhouette Candles (In-Store Only)

8. 'So Many Feelings' Clear Glass Mug (In-Store Only) 

 1. Hilda Dress

2. 'Emotional Rollercoaster' Clear Glass Mug (In-Store Only)

3. Herbal Tonic Facial Mist

4. Evil Queen Face Mask

5. Silky Tiger Print Mini Dress

6. Love Potion No. 9 Shea Butter Bar

7. Floral Knot Headband

8. Pink Champagne Candle (In-Store Only)


 1. Ruth Cardigan

2. Saddle Bag (Red)

3. Padded Cream Bug Headband

4. Love Smile Shine Sweatshirt

5. Ribbed Ring

6. Double Flower Earrings (Emerald)

7. Rockstar Belt (Red)

8. FRIENDS Sheet Face Mask