What's the Occasion?

What's the Occasion?

1. Samira Dress (Flowers Black) | 2. Double Flower Earrings (Gold) | 3. Circle Bag (Red) | 4. Arya Dress | 5. Diamond Brass Earrings (sold out) | 6. Thunder Clutch (Gold)

The holidays are just around the corner... and you know what that means! After nearly two years of the pandemic putting plans on hold, we're so excited to celebrate the season and to have so many events back on the calendar.

But it won't be sequins and tulle just yet... we've chatted with so many of you at the shop who are moving away from the 'over-the-top' and embracing looks that are more understated, and where comfort and versatility come first.

Gone are the days where dresses were bought to be worn just once and never again. As advocates of the slow fashion movement, we couldn't be happier about this development... the pandemic seems to have made us all more conscious consumers, who consider cost-per-wear and environmental impact before a purchase is made.   

1. Cher Dress | 2. Globe Leather Bracelet | 3. Barrel Bag (Red) | 4. Padded Pearl Headband | 5. Falling Stars Earrings

We've rounded up a few favorite pieces currently in the store that are truly adaptable and can be styled in more ways than one! They can be treated as everyday pieces, to wear to an office setting, a happy hour or a bunch, but also have the potential to be styled up for a special occasion. The same can be said for accessories that add the finishing touch to an ensemble (we've included some of our top picks for you!)

We love pieces like this as they can stand the test of time. As buyers for LILA but also 'consumers' ourselves, we always look for styles that are classic, not trend-lend and that can be worn and cherished for years to come instead of for just a single season. We hope you love them as much as we've loved curating them for you. See you at the shop!

1. Serena Dress | 2. Ribbed Ring | 3. Triple Burst Earrings |  4. Silky Tiger Mini Dress | 5. Blinding Lights Bag | 6. Leather Lace Belt (Gold)  | 7. Classic Faux Stacking Ring