Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

We've all got a little Bohemian (or 'Boho') Chic in us. There's a flowing, free-spirited look about the loosely draped floral dresses and peasant blouses, faded patchwork denim, cozy ponchos and soft suedes that I just can't help but love. We tend to romanticize the late 60's and 70's, when 'hippiedom' and 'psychedelia' were all the rage, for inspiring this trend. But it wasn't until British fashion darlings like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, put their own fresh spin on it, styling their boho best at popular music festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella, that it reemerged in full force in the 2000's, and stuck. [For more on music festival style, click here.]


Twin actresses Mary Kate and Ashley took it one step further, pushing the 'retro hippie' look into the realm of 'shabby chic' (though more 'shabby' than 'chic' if you ask moi) with their signature overly loose sweaters and oversized sunglasses. Anticipating what they would style next on the streets of New York City was fodder for fashion critics, many of whom indelicately termed the look as 'hobo-grunge', or just simply 'homeless'. But, enough about the Olsens!


I've never been a die-hard for full on bohemian, however there are elements of the fashion that I love incorporating into my daily dress. The look I'm styling today really captures that. I tend to gravitate towards garments that are free-flowing, flattering, and of course, comfortable! Slipping into this dress for the first time, I fell for its ease and airiness, its vibrant paisley print and romantic bell sleeve. And it accentuated my body in all the right places - a perfect match! To complement the dress, I styled cobalt blue wedges (this style of shoe always tops my summer essentials list); as well as island-inspired accessories like the cool white leather Wave Clutch and Seashell Ring, both of which are available in the web shop!  


As for my oversized shades, you've probably noticed me styling them on repeat all season! And if you hadn't, secret's out. These wooden beauties are by Greek designer Zylo Eyewear, and are handcrafted on the island of Syros in the Mediterranean. All of the wood from their collection is sourced on the island - think rich varieties like oak, rosewood, walnut, bubinga, plane, purpleheart (yes, it’s purple!), and modenia - so no two pairs of sunglasses are alike. I love knowing that I own an original, especially when so many brands are turning to mass production these days. It makes finding and supporting small, independent designers through LILA that much more important to me. And getting to hold onto a piece here and there - that's a total perk of the job! Select styles from the Zylo Eyewear collection are available in the web shop - as an FYI, my pair is the OHTO Modenia!  


All for now boho babes! xo









Outfit Details

Dress // T.J. Maxx

OHTO Sunglasses // LILA Fashion International

Necklaces // LILA Fashion International

Wave Clutch // LILA Fashion International

Seashell Ring // LILA Fashion International

Wedges // J. Crew


Photography: Audrey Gallagher