Coming Together: A Florist's Take

Coming Together: A Florist's Take

Scene: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

By Lana Tang, Owner of Junebug Flowers


The idea of ‘coming together’ has been on my mind the past few weeks. Not only because it holds literal truth when buckets of flowers inundate my studio before an event, but also because it carries a much deeper meaning for me, that feels especially relevant as Junebug ramps up its holiday season. Yes, flower stems literally come together when I make arrangements for events, but it also makes me think more about why I’m making the arrangements. Weddings and family events usually dominate any florist’s lineup, but this holiday season I have the pleasure of bringing bloomfuls of joy to those who are looking to cozy up their home for the holidays.


Flowers and foliage have been a large part of my adult life. I always chuckle thinking about the time a few years back that I spent hunting for freshly fallen trees in a community park in Shanghai, China. I was looking for large leaves to make a fall wreath and place settings for a Thanksgiving dinner that I was hosting. I remember picking the leaves off the ground thinking that I was a crazy person, but that it was okay because no one would recognize me. Of course, someone who I knew walked by and caught me! It was all worth it though as I was able to gather up these beauties.


This Thanksgiving season, I hope you are able to take a step back and think of the why’s of life and that you take time to appreciate those moments where you can be a little silly with friends and family. If you are looking for ways to share a moment of mindfulness with those that matter the most this Thanksgiving, consider printing out a poem or wise saying and placing it on a bountiful spread of fallen leaves you’ve collected from your neighborhood.



Step 1: Gather supplies. Collect fallen leaves, gold spray paint, glue, pen, scissors, and card stock.



Step 2: Spray paint leaves. Lay the leaves on top of scrap paper that can be tossed afterwards, such as paper grocery bags.



Step 3: Let the leaves dry.



Step 4: Write your message. While the leaves are drying, you can write on the place cards (or directly on the leaves!) the names of your guests.



Step 5: Glue - After your leaves are dry, attach your place cards on each leaf with a few drops of glue. Gently press the place card into the leaf to make sure it sticks.



Step 6 - Enjoy your company!


Tips: Spray paint can be substituted with acrylic paint. If you want pops of color, leave the leaves as is and write directly on them!