The Greek Aesthetic

The Greek Aesthetic

Scene: Manayunk, Pennsylvania

It took just a couple weeks of vacationing in Greece for us to realize how much our aesthetic is influenced by this country we so endearingly call home. It's picturesque beaches dotted with thatched umbrellas; quaint seaside villages; island escapes and the bustling metropoles of major port cities like Athens and Thessaloniki that one could spend countless days wandering through, wide-eyed. Is it any wonder why we love this country with a pathos (Greek for 'passion')? To reacquaint ourselves with her charm is always such a pleasure, stirring feelings of both nostalgia and adventure. 


The street style of Athens, which has been an ongoing source of inspiration since our high school days living in the city (and which continues to be whenever we fly home!), gave life to this summer look. It's part playful, part feminine - and all European attitude. Better yet, the designer behind the airy, sky blue Liwi Dress we love so much, also happens to call the city home. [View other pieces from the collection by Athens-based Madame Shou Shou, HERE!]


A few things we adore about this fanciful frock? The loosely fitted cut and beautifully flowing lines are well suited to summer; it's an easy piece to slip on and so very forgiving to the figure if you've had one too many croissants over Sunday brunch. Cause, don't we all? We also love the effortlessly chic attitude it inspires. The absolute best part however, comes with the flirty open back and embroidered white floral detailing, which have the transformative power to elevate a simple blue dress into a genuine statement maker.


And did we mention it's also perfect for twirling?








We've styled this look with a nude leather Wave Clutch by yet another celebrated Greek designer, Vice Versa, whose muse for the design was mother nature, or more specifically, her beautiful beaches that stretch for miles along pristine coastline. Since shooting this look, we've sold out of our nude clutch, however, you can still add it to your closet in Serenity, Cobalt Blue, Pink and White!


You'll notice we've gone with coral, all the way, when it came to accessorizing the Liwi Dress. In fact, our shop and online store abound with it during the summer months, as we've strongly grown to associate one with the other, over the years. Coral can only be worn in summer, you see? The sharp contrast in color, pairing the softer blue with the bolder burnt orange, feels natural, and also speaks to Coral's origin, which is sourced from the vast blue ocean's bountiful reefs.


Our lovely Coral Branch Earrings are fashioned from select branches of precious Mediterranean coral and are accented with a Swarovski crystal pave bead and solid sterling silver hook. This beach-inspired set is also available in-store and online in white coral, and can be styled with a billowy summer dress and sandals or open-toe heels, depending on the occasion. We went for nude strappy heels to complement the nude Wave Clutch, and lend a little extra polish to the ensemble! 


As a rule - when you style larger, bolder earrings, you go sans necklace (or at least choose something more discreet). There are exceptions though to every rule - and in this case, we chose to break it! We paired the lovely Amaryllis Necklace, fashioned from bright bamboo coral beads and pearls, and finished with gold plated sterling silver clasp, with the Coral Branch Earrings. What do you think of this pairing?


Would you have gone with the 'less is more' concept of styling - or doubled up on the jewelry, as we did?







Outfit details
Sunglasses / Bottega Veneta
Coral Branch Earrings / LILA Fashion International
Amaryllis Necklace / LILA Fashion International
Wave Clutch / LILA Fashion International (Sold out in Nude, but available in Pink, White, Serenity and Cobalt Blue)
Liwi Dress / LILA Fashion International
Heels / Steve Madden
Photographer / Rebecca Gudelunas