DIY Hairstyling for the Holidays

DIY Hairstyling for the Holidays

Scene: Roxborough, Pennsylvania

Do you have a lineup of holiday parties, Christmas gatherings and NYE fêtes coming up and no idea how to switch up your hairstyle? We totally get it. Celebratory occasions are our best excuse for experimenting with a new look, and this time of year definitely calls for something festive.


We’ve got THREE quick and easy DIY hairstyles to share with you, with a little help courtesy of Philadelphia hairstylist Ruth Elena! Enjoy our mini tutorials for mastering the perfect holiday ‘updo’, including step-by-step instructions for achieving:

- A curly updo: Just pin it and voila!

- Boho messy updo: This will seriously impress and is SO simple to replicate!

- Elegant ponytail: Everyone will think you hit the salon before the party...


Ready to get started?! First, you'll need: Bobby pins, parting comb and teasing comb. Edge control or gel, hairspray and hair ties. Curling iron and flat iron. 


LOOK 1: The Curly Updo 

Step 1: Choose one side to make your flat twist. Three were done for this look, but you can do as many as you like. Twist hair up in the direction of where your high ponytail will go. Use bobby pins to secure twist.


Note: If you’re having trouble with the twist you could always just use a fun hair accessory or clip for either side as an alternative. 



Step 2: Leave out your bangs (whether long or short, it will still work for the look!) and tie the remainder of your hair into a high ponytail.



Step 3: Now with hair pins, secure any loose ends. You can pin your hair into place to create a bang look if it’s too long. 




Step 4: Once your hair is up, you may comb down some of the fly away hairs along the hairline with edge control. 


Note: Kera Care edge tamer was used for this look!









LOOK 2: The Boho Messy Updo

Step 1: Divide the hair into four sections. Two sections in the front (left side/right side) and then part according to which side you would like your hair parted for the style. Then, section the two in the back. These sections should be horizontal. Take top section in the back (crown of the head!) and Tease! Tease! Tease! This will add volume to create a shape for your messy updo, lending it that easy, boho vibe. 



Step 2: Take the top back section and pin down to the middle of your back section; make sure to keep teasing and adjusting as you go. Do not bring the front sections in yet. Then, take the bottom section of the hair and roll it up to meet the middle and pin it into the top back section.  



Step 3: Once the bottom half is twisted and pinned up, twist each side in the front and pin across the back. Tip: It can be a twist or braid, feel free to be creative and have fun with it! Use bobby pins to secure the twist. Once your hair is completely pinned up, you may pull pieces of hair from the hairline to give it a messy look. For this look, the hair left out around the face was then curled. 






Pro Tip: Throw in a cute holiday headband to spruce up the look! 







LOOK 3: The Elegant Pony

Step 1: Begin by teasing the crown of the head to create some shape for your pony. 



Step 2: Divide your hair into THREE sections. Two sections in front (part by your preference!) and one in the back. 



Step 3: Tie the back section into a low or mid-ponytail. Make sure to leave out the hair sectioned off in the front. 



Step 4: Take the left side of the hair and wrap it around the ponytail. Secure it with bobby pins. Then take the right side and do the same.


Note: This look also works well without bangs! You can either make a part or comb your hair straight back.




Step 5: Curl the ponytail for a romantic look. Or keep it straight! Whichever suits your fancy.



Step 6: Flat iron the bangs as needed and leave the hair around the face for a flirty look.  



Step 7: Spray your hair with a light finishing spray as needed.  This will tame any fly aways and create a sleek look. 









About the Stylist!

Ruth Rodriguez is a Philadelphia based hair stylist who can help you get holiday party ready in a pinch! She is available for at home hair styling sessions. Contact Ruth HERE and check out some of her work on Instagram:



Photographer: Rebecca Gudelunas