VDay: 8 Gift Picks for You + Bae

VDay: 8 Gift Picks for You + Bae

#1 Surprise Blooms

Pre-Order a Bouquet by Junebug Flowers

The smallest gestures mean the most… are we right, ladies? Flowers win us over every time – no matter the occasion – especially when they come express from the studio of our favorite local florist, Junebug Flowers!


Thoughtfully arranged in beautiful bouquets of pink esther rose, pink ranunculus and pink wax flower, pre-order a bunch for yourself or as a surprise for your honey for Valentine’s Day.


Orders for small ($35), medium ($55) and large ($100) bouquets can be placed through Friday, February 9 and will be available for pickup on the evening of Tuesday, February 13 and morning of Wednesday, February 14 – just in time for the sweetest Valentine’s Day wake up call!


To pre-order call 267.331.5993 or email info@lilafashioninternational.com



#2 A Scent to Remember

Gift an Intoxicating Fragrance by Bloom & Fleur

Too early to start dropping hints for Valentine’s Day? Never! We couldn’t think of a sweeter surprise for that person that means the most than a bottled scent by perfumer Bloom & Fleur.


Take your pick from a range of intoxicating fragrances, just $34 each!


Blend 209 Warms with a delicious blend of vanilla, white amber, musk and sandalwood.


Blend 412 Combines honeysuckle and gardenia for a fresh and floral spring-inspired scent.



Blend 473 A mix of cherry fruit, lily, vanilla and cherry blossom that possesses an ultra feminine, old Hollywood vibe.


Blend 468 A fresh blend of herbal lavender, clean white musk and warm roasted vanilla.


Blend 586 A signature fragrance that features a fresh, topical mandarin note to start, with elements of Tahitian vanilla, musk sage and jasmine.



#3 Make Your House Feel like Home

Sniff & Savor the Deliciously Indulgent Candles by Candelles

Show yourself some love or make your love nest all the cozier with a deliciously scented candle by local PA-maker, Candelles! Call it an ongoing obsession, but we can’t get enough of these 9 and 16oz jars of olfactory goodness, hand-poured with 100% sox wax. New scents in the shop – just in time for Valentine’s – include:


I Like You A Waffle Lot Traditional vanilla notes blended with the rich, creamy side of maple syrup for that someone who means the most to you.


I Donut Know What I’d Do Without You Simple and delicious, this donut scented candle has a warm, creamy vanilla aroma with just a touch of cinnamon.


 Pink Champagne Second best only to the real stuff, this toast-worthy scent is like pure bubbly in a jar with three intoxicating layers of scent we know you and your valentine will love. Savor a base of apple cider, a middle layer of lily of the valley and to top it all off - a cocktail mix of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry! 


Freshly Brewed If you bring me coffee without having to ask, then I love you. This scent is the next best thing! Featuring fragrant notes of black coffee bean, cream and vanilla bean, we can’t think of anything better than the subtle scent of fresh grounds wafting through the house. If bae gifts you our Freshly Brewed candle – he’s a keeper!



#4 The Zero Calorie Indulgence You Need To Try

Covet CeeCee & Bee Tub Truffles and Tub Teas

This is the one box of truffles you’ll be nudging bae to buy you… it’s ZERO calories and our current obsession. Each adorably packaged box by CeeCee & Bee features an assortment of four Tub Truffles that look good enough to eat. But wait!


Though not intended for noshing, these thoughtfully handcrafted apothecary goods are designed with your bathing pleasure in mind! Made with rich wild-crafted cocoa butter, silky kaolin clay and laced ever so slightly with essential oils, these mini indulgences will turn your tub into a luxuriously rich aroma bath. Just $24 per box.



In the spirit of treating yourself, make the brand’s Tub Teas part of your nightly bathing ritual. Take your pick from a variety of scents, each charmingly packaged in a muslin pouch, that include Renewing Rose, Gentle Jasmine, Unwind and Lavender Slumber. Perfect for the bath lover in your life, these are just $9 each!



#5 Mugs that Make You Blush

Adore this Chuckle-Inducing Collection by Blushface

For the jokester in your relationship, the collection of mugs with chuckle-inducing statements by Blushface Paper Goods is the perfect place to start. Get them giggling from their very first cup of joe with a few of our Valentine’s Day faves, including ‘Blow me. I’m Hot’ and ‘Netflix and Chill’, ‘All of Me Loves All of You’, and ‘She Designed a Life She Loved’.



#6 Speaking of Blush…

Swooning Over the Mini Handcrafted Barrels by Vice Versa

Blush is the new black, right? We’d like to think so! The colorful handcrafted mini leather barrel bags by Greek fashion house Vice Versa give us all the springtime feels – especially this metallic blush little number! And how about our Wave Clutch in soft pink? Consider these your go-to accessories for brightening your wardrobe this season – perfect for pairing with florals and playful pastels.


Made in Athens from raw Greek leather with gold statement hardware, these ‘must haves’ fit all the essentials, including a lipstick, cash and your iphone – and did we mention they make it to the top of our V-Day wish list? Add them to yours.


#7 An Arrangement that Lasts Forever

Janelle Songer’s Ceramic Wall Flowers Make the Perfect Gift

Gift her a bouquet that will last forever…. literally! It was swoon at first sight with these beautiful ceramic wall flowers by artist Janelle Songer, which can be artfully arranged as an accent piece on a wall in your home or workspace or on a coffee or bedside table. The flowers come in a range of colors and sizes – stop into the shop and let us help you pick out a 3-piece arrangement for yourself or your sweetheart.


#8 ‘Cause Baby You’re a Wyld One

Crushing on the Konjac Sponges by Wyld Skincare

Your skin deserves a little love, too. We’ve fallen hard for the Konjac Sponge, a plant-based natural wonder puff designed by Wyld Skincare to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. Simply add water to your Konjac of choice – pick between Bamboo Charcoal and French Pink Clay – and watch it transform into a pillowy-soft facial cleansing sponge when wet.


Made with 100% pure natural Konjac plant root, these tough love sponges will get your skin glowing and dewy (never tight!) and can last for over a month.


Go with Bamboo Charcoal for oily, blemish prone skin, to draw out the excess oil, zap bacteria and detoxify the skin. Opt for French Pink Clay for dryer skin, as it will help nourish with minerals and vitamins, while drawing out toxins, excess oil and impurities for a rosy glow that truly lasts.