Autumn Spice

Autumn Spice

One of the things we absolutely love about this time of year is how the scents and flavors around us change. We associate the arrival of autumn with sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin spice lattes and chai spice teas - so many favorites and so much deliciousness to savor!


All the seasons should be experienced in this way - using all five senses! Perfect fall days are those during which we can SEE the leaves around us turn burnt orange, mustard yellow and crimson. Days during which we can FEEL the morning chill and SMELL cinnamon in the air and TASTE the pumpkin pie spice in our coffee.  Perfect days will also include the SOUND of Canada geese flying south for the winter or the crunch of leaves of leaves underfoot leaving trees as trees grow bare with each passing day. 


This fall and winter we have an extra special treat for your sense of smell and taste, with our new designer SPAROZA. This Greek family business specializes in herb and spice blends that excite and invigorate the palette. 


We are delighted to add SPAROZA to our storefront and web shop this season, with items that include their Shaman Tea, Exquisite Rosé Wine Jelly, Exquisite White Wine Jelly and traditional Mulled Wine Spices. Today, we're sharing three different ways to use these 100% natural, absolutely delicious, gourmet products!


Shaman Tea

This tea is not only an explosion of flavor but also comes packaged in a vibrantly colored tin - ready to gift! We were first exposed to this organic blend of spices over the winter holidays in Greece. Ever since then, Shaman Tea reminds us of home, the holidays and cool crisp days lounging by a wood burning fireplace. 

We love Shaman Tea so much though, that we wanted to be able to enjoy it during other seasons as well -- not just during the holidays. So we reached out to SPAROZA and asked if they have any recipes incorporating the tea. We hope you enjoy these two delicious ideas as much as we did! [To shop the Shaman Tea in our web shop, click here!]


The Shaman Tea Iced Chai 



  • 8 oz boiling water
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • 2 Tbsp Shaman Tea
  • 1 cup whole milk



1. Add the 2 tablespoons of Shaman Tea to the 8 ounces of boiling water. After approximately five minutes strain the mixture. 

2. Stir into the hot mixture the tablespoon of honey. 

3. Allow the mixture to cool and pour into an ice cube tray. Place the try in the freezer and allow to freeze overnight. 

4. The next morning pour one cup of milk into a glass, add two to three ice cubes and enjoy your Shaman Chai! 




The Shaman Tea Banana Smoothie



  • 1 Tbsp of Shaman Tea
  • 8 oz cold water
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • 3.5 oz cold milk



1. In a small saucepan, put the full tablespoon of SHAMAN Tea, 8 ounces of cold water and one tablespoon of honey. Allow the mixture to boil for one minute.

2. Strain the mixture and refrigerate to cool.

3. Slice a ripe banana in big chunks, add the now cold tea and 3.5 oz cold milk. Blend together and enjoy!

Try your smoothie with pear, peach, strawberry, melon….





Exquisite Wine Jellies

Looking for a last minute dessert for that dinner party you're hosting?! Consider mini cheesecakes, no baking required! These cheesecakes taste as good as they look, and can be prepared using both the Exquisite Rose Wine Jelly and the Exquisite White Wine Jelly, so you can also get a nice color composition and points for prepping a fancy dessert, with minimal effort. Who doesn't love the sound of that?! [To shop the Wine Jellies in our web shop, click here!]





Exquisite Mini Cheesecakes 



  • 2 oz unsalted butter
  • 1 pack digestive biscuits
  • 17.5 oz cream cheese or goat cheese
  • 5.3 oz heavy cream
  • 2 oz powdered sugar
  • 1 jar Exquisite White Wine Jelly
  • 1 jar Exquisite Rosé Wine Jelly
  • 6 cup nonstick mini cheesecake pan



1. To prepare the crusts for the mini cheesecakes, grind the digestive biscuits in a food processor.

2. Then melt the butter in a small pot and add it to the biscuits.

3. Distribute the mixture evenly in all six cups in the pan and press to compact it evenly on the bottom.

4. Finally, put all the pan with the compacted crusts in the fridge. 

5. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl add the cheese and the powdered sugar and heavy cream and proceed to stir.

6. Once the mixture is smooth, spoon the mixture into the six cups in the pan on top of the crust and smooth the tops.

7. Refrigerate the pan with both the crust and the cheese for at least two hours. 

8. Right before you serve, pour a thin layer of SPAROZA wine jelly on top of each mini cheesecake and pop them out of the pan. Enjoy!