Travel in Style 101: Part One

Travel in Style 101: Part One

Hello lovelies! Excited to finally be back home in Philadelphia after traveling for the past ten days ALL over the West Coast. We started in beautiful San Diego and drove up the coast to scenic and secluded Mendocino. The trip was simply gorgeous with enough ocean views to make me wonder what I am still doing on the East Coast (wink, wink).


As the trip was long, it took a fair bit of finagling to get everything to fit in my suitcase. No surprise there.  However, on the upside, having the perfect travel accessories made it that much easier. That being said, I'm going to be sharing a two-part post on my top TEN items to pack in preparation for your next getaway - be that a short road trip to your best friend's beach house, or a transatlantic flight to an exotic, far flung destination of your choosing.


#1  Bkr Glass Water bottle


Staying hydrated on vacation is of utmost importance. Not only is drinking water extremely beneficial in keeping your body going and your complexion clear, but a well hydrated body is less likely to catch those pesky colds and viruses.


Enter the Bkr glass water bottle. The perfect accessory for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, Bkr was created by two “intelligent, fashionable, cultured women in love with everything glowing and glamorous”.


These water bottles come in three sizes: 250 mL, 500 mL and 1 L (I personally own the latter two). Bkr bottles makes for a great travel companion as they are durable, glass and gorgeous. They can also be taken on a plane, train or car (just remember to keep them empty if you are jet-setting), and are easy to wash and carry.


It is likely that even your favorite celeb has one – because there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to take care of herself physically. So next time you are traveling put down the soda and grab your bkr!      


#2 THIROS Cross Body Bag


One of the hardest things about traveling is choosing the right handbag. #TheStruggleIsReal. Over the years, I've found what really works for me; I typically travel with a tote and with a crossbody. The tote is used strictly for day-of-travel, and I tend to overload it with magazines, snacks, music, my ipad and whatever else can keep me entertained for those exhausting long-haul flights or car rides.


Once I've arrived, I switch over to my crossbody. Admittedly, I am a tad picky when it comes to size, style and design. If it's too oversized it will be heavy and cumbersome to walk around with; too small and I won't be able to fit the essentials: sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, moisturizer... you get the picture.


My top pick is the Mocha crossbody by Greek designer THIROS. It is the perfect size with an extra pocket in front where I can slip my cell phone or passport. It's also made of vegan leather and holds up well under varying weather conditions. This particular crossbody also has an adjustable strap, which means you can adjust its length based on your own height and comfort. I am only 5’4” so I like to shorten the strap so the bag comfortably rests on my hip.  


Shop the THIROS Mocha Crossbody in the LILA e-boutique, by clicking HERE!




#3 Bleecker and Love Bag


This bag was MADE for travel... and for the beach. Enough said. It's so versatile, it can be used for so many different things. I have two of these bags and use them to separate my make-up and skin care products when on the road. They are perfect because they have a waterproof interior – so just in case something spills or melts the rest of your garments are protected. 


These bags come in two sizes and a variety of playful summer patterns. Think pineapples and flamingos, oh my! When you are on vacation it is important to be able to repurpose what you bring – I have more than once carried my Bleecker bag from morning to evening – utilizing it to keep my things safe when we are at the beach from sand and water – and then filling it with lip gloss, blush my phone and credit card for a night out on the town.


Other things I have used my Bleecker bag for? Well I have used it for my wet bikinis, to transport wet clothing (after being pushed into a pool!), make-up, jewelry and hair accessories. Most commonly, I fill it with everything I want to keep dry and toss it into my beach bag!


Bleecker bags are available in the LILA boutique, and coming soon to the LILA e-shop.




#4 Lululemon “Gather Me Slightly Jacket”


This piece is a lifesaver.  It is fashion forward, lightweight (a major plus when traveling!) and perfect for varying climates. While traveling from San Diego up the coast to Mendocino we experienced an array of different weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This Lululemon jacket kept me comfortable the entire trip!


This jacket is made of super breathable material and is waterproof – ever heard of San Diego “June Gloom”... need I say more? Unfortunately, this particular style is sold out at the moment, but they are always replenishing with new colors and styles!


#5 The Blue White Sleep Mask


I like to sleep and although I love traveling the globe – I find that my sleep can become very interrupted. Now, I know what most of you are thinking – of course my sleep is interrupted, that happens when you change time zones.


But for me, my own personal circadian rhythm is only part of the problem. At home I like to sleep in complete darkness and in complete silence. Research studies have shown that without those two things it is more difficult to reach deep or REM sleep.


In Mendocino, silence was not a problem. We were staying at Spring Ranch, in a beautiful farmhouse, miles from the shop or cafe. However, the room we were staying in did not have blinds. This made it impossible to sleep past sunrise.


However, with my sleep mask from The Blue White, I was able to get the hours of sleep needed without waking up with the rising sun. It's 100% cotton and I love the donkey print motif, which transports me back to Greece. It also comes in a charming fishing boat print, in the brand's classic blue and white colors.  I never travel without mine.


Shop The Blue White's sleep masks in the LILA e-boutique by clicking HERE.