What Do Your Shades Say About You?

What Do Your Shades Say About You?

We love a pair of fabulous shades, just as much as the next gal. Whether you gravitate more towards big, bold Jackie O’s, the playful cat-eye or sporty wayfarers, your shades are an extension of your personality – and rightly so! Don’t know what shape suits your perfect pout? No sweat. With a little help from our favorite sunglasses designer, Zylo Eyewear, we've got you covered. 


FYI: Zylo's to-die for wooden handcrafted shades are made on the Greek isle of Syros in the Mediterranean, and are available in our boutique and e-shop 




About You: You are the life of the party. You get along with everyone and simply enjoy being in the presence of others. You are always up for a game of Flip Cup and the beach bar is your spot. Leave it to you to bring the music and the party with you. You are up for any dance or karaoke contest and are likely to impress with both.


Sunnies: The Adam Bubinga sunglasses are your number one pick because they are fun and flirty just like you. They also go with every color, pattern and print under the bright blue sky! 



#2 THE TWIGGY FRAME: Glamour Girl


About You: Beyoncé is your sole sister. Your hobbies? Looking fabulous and traveling the world. Your slogan? #WokeUpLikeThis — your relationship with your straightening iron is the definition of commitment. Your living space is full of fresh flowers and rose gold accents. You can be found lounging around in your bathrobe, aromatherapy candles at the ready, or reading up on the latest trends Vogue as you enjoy a bubble bath.


Sunnies: The Twiggy sunglasses are big and fabulous just like your personality. They hide your beautiful face in the rare occasion you sneak out for coffee without your makeup on. They are a girl’s best friend. xo 





About You: You are the embodiment of Samantha from Sex and the City. You were born having already mastered the perfect cat-eye with your eyeliner, and are envied for your cool girl style though for you its just an afterthought. You know about the hippest new restaurants and are eclectic about your coffee shops. You are laid back and confident in your own skin and not looking to impress.


Sunnies: The Felis sunnies are calling your name. They are the perfect sunglasses for the woman with an edgier side.



#4 THE ROUND FRAME: Fashion Icon


About You: You are the definition of fashion forward. You sport the newest trends and when they don’t agree with you… well then you become the trendsetter. You can make any garment work for you, regardless of season or occasion. Your nails are always done. Your favorite activities? Designing #OOTDs of course and then snapping them! You can be found digging through sample sales in NYC & LA.


Sunnies: The OHTO sunglasses, stylish and chic, were made for you. They are statement-makers everywhere they go. Just like you. 



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