Travel in Style 101: Part Two

Travel in Style 101: Part Two

My next buying trip to Paris to source new designers for the LILA boutique and e-shop is coming up at the end of September and in preparation I am sharing with you Part Two of my post on how to: Travel in Style 101. [Missed Part One of this post? Click here to catch up!] If you took a peek inside my suitcase, you would find the following essentials that I absolutely cannot board a airplane without. P.S. Some are fresh from the boutique ( a total perk of the job!), and can be snagged directly online in our e-shop!  


#6 Business Cards & Business Card Holder 

Since launching LILA Fashion International I always carry my business cards with me. It is unbelievable how many people I meet when I travel who I find common synergies with and feel would make a great partner for a collaboration. My recommendation is that you choose a business card holder that is representative of your personality. I wanted to find a piece that had qualities synonymous with the LILA brand -  uniqueness, femininity and a story to tell. My case of choice was a vintage Wadsworth Cigarette holder. The whimsical pattern on the front of the case and its history made me feel very much like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


I also love receiving compliments when I pull it out. It gives people something to remember. The case is big enough to double as a wallet for a night out as well. I feel comfortable throwing a credit card and some cash in it and putting it in my favorite clutch. It's definitely a keeper!





#7 After Glow Lover’s Scrub

These days it is just hard traveling with liquids. So I've found a great alternative that allows me to maintain my beauty routine even while I'm away from home! I use a 100% natural vegan Mediterranean sea salt scrub by designer Love From Cyprus, which is available at LILA Fashion International. 


The scrub doesn’t hold me up at security and keeps my skin nourished and exfoliated during long trips. Remember, hydration, hydration, hydration.


My personal favorite is the After Glow Lover's Scrub with mint and vanilla bean. Mint has a calming effect and relieves sore muscles, giving your senses a boost when tired. I especially love it as a post workout treat. Vanilla bean is a good source of B-vitamins, helping to maintain healthy skin and protect against environmental pollutants. The best part is that there are no synthetic ingredients and it smells so indulgent – good enough to eat!


The Lovers Scrub is also available in Sleeping Beauty, with Lavender and Olive Oil. Keep checking back for more varieties coming soon to the e-shop!



#8 TOTAL Nonscents Deodorant

If you find something that works for you - go with it! I have found a brand that although a little on the pricier side is perfect for my skin and my body. It is made by DERMAdoctor and is called TOTAL Nonscents. It is ideal for women with sensitive skin. It is certified cruelty-free and fragrance-free. The water-based formula ensures that you won't feel any burn, sting or itch and is less likely to clog your pores. You may think – “what is the catch?” -  well, there isn’t one! It still manages to curb sweating and keep you feeling fresh. It is fast drying and doesn’t leave any type of a residue. You can also apply it right after shaving without irritation. You may be curious as to how often I buy this bad boy. Well, it is good for 90 applications, so approximately 3 months! I never travel without it.


#9 Leather Sandals 

It's always the shoes that get me when I'm packing for a trip.  It's the game changer between checking my bag or getting away with just a carryon. Sometimes, you just cough up that extra $25 bucks to stow it and it's well worth it. In the summer though, I get to indulge my shoo-woo just a little bit more, without it weighing on my cargo. How so? Well, I pack sandals. Lots of them! They are light, easy to carry, compact and I can bring several pairs. Total win-win. 


Growing up Greek has made me a major sandal snob; I'm particularly mindful of the material of the sandal I choose to invest in. As a rule I make every effort to ensure that all sandals I purchase are leather.


Leather sandals are an investment. They are going to last the longest, and the leather will age beautifully, even with all the wear and tear. They will become “your” pair of sandals as they mold to the shape and size of your foot. I'm sharing three pairs of sandals I plan on bringing with me to the City of Lights! These are all handcrafted from 100% raw Greek leather in Cyprus using traditional Greek sandalier techniques, and include the vibrant turquoise Toufa sandals with playful fringe detailing, the popular tan and gold Kamares sandals, and the red leather Erato sandals to perfectly complement a smokey eye and red lip for an evening out.


 Multiple colors and styles of sandal are available in our e-shop. Shop Now. 





#10 Shields Silk Scarf

Nothing says holiday like a silk scarf. You can fashion it in your hair like a true beach babe for an afternoon of lounging at the paralia [Greek for beach] or by the pool. Don't forget your oversized shades and wide-brimmed sun hat to protect your skin! You can also tie it around your neck, on your handbag (consider accenting your top handle with this flourish), or wear it as a stylish bolero, like a cardigan, for evenings out when you need a little extra coverage or if it gets chilly. 


I've shared one of my favorite scarves from this season - the vibrantly colored Shields Scarf, plus a fun DIY video by Grecian Chic, the design house behind these 100% silk scarves, on how to master the bolero. Sounds complicated, I know, but its easier than you think! Prepare to be blown away by the versatility of these beauties. Plus, did you know they're all hand-illustrated and digitally printed in England? Each beautiful scarf is also limited edition, meaning only 50 scarves will ever be made of each design. So you know you're wearing an original. How original is that, right?! 


To view all the designs from our scarf collection, visit our e-shop!



The designer Elena Zournatzi of Grecian Chic, styling her own Shields scarf as a bolero!


A little DIY to get you started. Enjoy! xo