Dec 09 2019

Our First Ever 2019 Holiday Style Guide!

 It's LIVE!!! We are so very excited to share with you a little (okay, very big!) project we've been working on since October. Granted, it took a little longer than expected because all the elves working on this project are...


Nov 22 2019

FALL EDIT: Making Dressy, Casual

In the world of fashion, everything goes. Dressier pieces no longer sit in the closet collecting dust just waiting to be worn, but are instead, combined with more casual closet basics that we love and live in. The work-wear blazer...


Oct 31 2019

FALL EDIT: Modernizing the Kilt

While the kilt has often been snubbed for being too traditional and passé for modern tastes, you’d be surprised by how much wear you can get out of it when styled the right way. With its flattering pleats and longer...


Oct 21 2019

FALL EDIT: Suited, But Cinched

The suited look is back, but make it cinched. Our feeds have been inundated with this smart style that was once reserved for the boardroom. Considered the ultimate 'power look', it always brings to mind Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, looking the part...


Oct 09 2019

FALL EDIT: Velvet & Polka Dots

As chillier days hint to the very first weeks of fall, we get excited just thinking about peppering our wardrobes with rich terracotta and berry tones and lots of pieces for layering! This season, many of our favorites prints and...


Sep 23 2019

10 Questions with Sierra

Where to begin with Sierra. This girl has been our BIGGEST cheerleader since we opened up shop 3 years ago on Main Street, and we don't throw around praise very lightly. Since her first visit to our old location, she has become...